LETTER: Why I’m running for council

To the Editor:

I feel that I owe the voters of South St. Paul an explanation of why I am seeking a seat on the city council. 

I was not in agreement with the Southview Boulevard Project: traffic lights were eliminated. These devices batched traffic, creating openings that facilitated crossing Southview. Current plans call for no stops from Seventh to 20th avenues. There are many motorists and pedestrians that will find crossing Southview challenging. 

Also, the utilities were replaced without regards for any future increase of demand. South St. Paul has areas of aging structures that could be future sites for affordable high-rises. We have two high-rises now which I believe are valuable, well-managed assets to our community. 

Another justification for the project was a concern that the utilities “might” fail. Also, Southview was an excellent concrete street, but it was destroyed and replaced solely in fear that one or more locations “may” need repair, which may never happen. 

Another issue is the talk of adding community meeting space to the venerable library at Third and Marie. The area around city hall is already a parking nightmare. It would be far more sensible to secure the bank building at Ninth and Southview. This location is in the heart of many South St. Paul activities and has excellent parking. 

In closing, I tip my hat to all candidates who are taking their time to seek office. I would appreciate your support and your vote in the November election. 

B. E. “Bernie” Beermann, South St. Paul council candidate

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