Maplewood City Council candidates set after primary

The terms of two Maplewood City Council members are ending in December, and since five people filed for candidacy to fill those positions, one candidate had to be eliminated during the Aug. 14 primary.

Incumbent council members Kathleen Juenemann and Marylee Abrams received the most support from primary voters, and will be joined on the Election Day ballot by Nikki Villavicencio and Kevin Berglund, while Tyler Hamilton was edged out of the race.

Juenemann, who is currently completing her fourth term on the council, received 2393 votes, just more than 28 percent. Abrams, currently finishing her first term on the council, received 2044 votes or 24 percent.

Villavicencio, a city Parks and Recreation Commission member, received 1497 votes, or just more than 17 percent of the total. Berglund, known for his involvement in the former public access cable TV show "Inside/Insight News Hour," received 1417 votes, roughly 16 precent of the vote.

Hamilton, vice-chair for the Greater St. Paul chapter of Our Revolution, won 1159 votes, about 13 precent of the total vote.

In addition to the two city council seats, Maplewood mayor will also be on the general election ballot on Nov. 6. The two-way race didn't require a primary and is between incumbent Mayor Nora Slawik and challenger Margaret Bahrens.


—Aundrea Kinney

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