LETTER: Support WSP Ward 3 candidates who support trails

To the Editor:

West St. Paul has been a long holdout in completing Dakota County’s River-to-River Greenway trail. One of the challenges has been crossing Robert Street. A regional trail shouldn’t have to cross a four-lane highway at-grade, and at intersections it’s often six lanes. Current plans for this trail with a tunnel crossing at Robert Street have full support of the city council and minimal impact on the city budget.

That’s right: We can add a wonderful amenity to West St. Paul without adding a burden to our local budget. That’s just a smart move.

But it requires continued council support. Unfortunately, only two of the four candidates for Ward 3 city council support this project. A local group, WSP Greenway, asked all four candidates about their vision for the River-to-River Greenway Trail, and both Wendy Berry and Lisa Eng-Sarne were enthusiastic supporters. But David Meisinger and John Ramsay didn’t even respond. Both have been critical of this project in the past, even though federal, state, and county money mean it wouldn’t cost West St. Paul anything.

At the primary on Aug. 14 (or anytime: you can vote early), vote for Wendy Berry or Lisa Eng-Sarne to ensure the River-to-River Greenway moves forward.

Kevin Hendricks, West St. Paul

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