Group saves man’s life at Maplewood YMCA

courtesy of City of Maplewood • The Maplewood Police Department presented seven city employees Lifesaving Awards at the June 11 city council meeting. Also, two residents and two White Bear Lake police officers, who assisted in the same medical emergency, were presented Citizen’s Awards. After the awards were distributed, resident Kelley Conway, his wife Caryn and their children posed for a group photo with the Maplewood City Council and the men and women who worked together to safe Conway’s life after he experienced cardiac arrest.

Lifesavers presented awards June 11

In a moment of crisis, 11 people teamed up to save a man’s life at the Maplewood YMCA on March 22. 

The Maplewood Police Department honored their efforts with Lifesaving Awards and Citizen’s Awards presented at the June 11 Maplewood City Council meeting.

Public Safety Director Scott Nadeau explained that resident Kelley Conway had been playing in a kids vs. parents basketball game at the YMCA, when he headed for the sidelines, became unconscious and stopped breathing. David Woodward jumped to action and began administering CPR to Conway.

Maplewood police officers Alesia Metry and Tony Gabriel, who were at the YMCA for a Mothers Against Drunk Drivers impact panel, left the event to help with the life-saving efforts. Conway was still unconscious and not breathing when they arrived.

Metry took over chest compressions, with help from Amanda Carr. White Bear Lake police officers Bridget Mace and John Saumweber, who had been attending the same MADD panel event, also assisted.

Woodward and Saumweber located a public access defibrillator and delivered a shock. When the shock did not restart Conway’s heart, Gabriel took over the CPR.

“After a second shock via the AED and continued CPR, Mr. Conway’s color started to return, and he began to breathe on his own,” Nadeau said.

After the Maplewood Fire/EMS team arrived, personnel found a pulse and Conway regained consciousness. The personnel, including Maplewood Fire Department Capt. Bob Peterson, paramedics Jodi Halweg, Michelle Hawthorne, Andrew Bauman and emergency medical technician Charles Crummy, stabilized Conway’s condition and transported him to an area hospital.

The Maplewood city employees who helped save Conway’s life were presented Lifesaving Awards, while the residents and White Bear Lake police offficers were presented Citizen’s Awards.

Nadeau explained it was truly the team effort of the group that saved Conway’s life.

“Statistically, those who suffer from cardiac arrest have less than a 10 percent chance of survival,” Nadeau said. “March 22nd was an example of all of the links of the chain of survival coming together.”

Although Conway attended the June 11 city council meeting with his family, his wife, Caryn Conway, spoke on his behalf. She thanked those who helped save her husband’s life, preventing the grief his loss would have meant to her and their three school-aged children.

To those who helped in the lifesaving efforts, Caryn said, “I thought I was saying goodbye to my husband that night, but none of you stopped until you saved him.”


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