Middle-schoolers practice civic engagement

Students from three School District 622 middle schools who participated in Project Citizen, a bipartisan program to promote civic engagement, met with State Sen. Chuck Wiger on May 15 in the Capitol Rotunda. Pictured with Wiger are Skyview Middle School eighth-graders, from left, Gretchen Draves, Molly Holthe, Ashley Medina, Margaret Pawlenty, Olivia Meyer and Sydney Tiffany. Their project was about the use of road salt, and how it impacts the environment.

A group of seventh-grade and eighth-grade students from John Glenn Middle School explained their project on wildlife rights to Wiger. Pictured from left are Wiger, Faith Freeman, Nalani Vang, Katana Vang and Izzy Lamb.

Maplewood Middle School students shared with Wiger their project on the need to cut back on fossil fuels. From left, stands Lilyanna Marich, Sophie Allen, Wiger, Stephanie Rodriguez, Sara Handan, Paige Simanski and Anya Olson.
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