LETTER: Fund our schools fairly for our future leaders

To the Editor:

Barack Obama said in many speeches that children are the future and our future leaders. As a society, we are always striving for change for the social common good. We must change the way we give access to education to kids. 

Many children, specifically kids of color from low income families, are given less opportunities and less resources. A lot of public schools that are located in communities of high poverty and crime rates receive less funding, experienced teachers and opportunities to succeed in school. The school to prison pipeline is structured for young black and Latino students who fall out of school and into the prison system. Statistics show black and Latino boys are three times more likely of being suspended, expelled or dropping out of school before graduating high school. According to Bureau of Justice statistics, 68 percent of the population who are incarcerated do not have a high school diploma, and what makes up over half of the population being incarcerated? It’s blacks and Latinos! There’s no coincidence these two statistics are causes and effects happening across the education system for the majority of students of color. 

We must keep the kids in the schools and out of the streets. One way for that to happen is closing the opportunity gap. Funding for schools must be allocated evenly amongst public schools — not based on where they are located, but what schools and students need for resources and support systems.

Jessica P. Adame, St. Paul

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