LETTER: Angie Craig: ‘tell us your position’

To the Editor:

Some sponges don’t hold water. When they are lifted out of the bucket, the water drains out. Angie Craig is this kind of sponge.  When immersed in the DFL platform bucket, Angie Craig appears to have content, but when she is outside the bucket, and actually required to have an opinion, nothing is evident.  She has no actual positions.  Oh, sure, buzz phrases are spouted on her literature and website, but is there substance? Nope. None. You can’t tell if she has a position — on anything! Example: On a critical infrastructure upgrade supporting Minnesota energy needs, the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Program, which would bring billions of dollars into Minnesota, and more efficiently transport needed product to our local energy industry, she has no opinion. For someone who wants to work for Minnesotans, we don’t know what she will do!  That’s scary! Voting for someone without knowing his or her positions is foolish.  Angie wants to be elected before we know what we are going to get in terms of her leadership. This says emphatically, “I know what’s best for you, don’t worry, just put me in office.” Preposterous! Only foolish voters will cave to that line of reasoning. 

Angie, tell us your position on the Elbridge Line 3 Replacement Project. We will give you the silent treatment at the polls without it.

Jim McKie, West St. Paul

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