Man wandering outside St. Anthony school taken on mental health hold, had shotgun in car

According to a joint release by the St. Anthony-New Brighton School District and St. Anthony Police Department, a man who may have been experiencing a “mental crisis” was found on Wilshire Park Elementary school grounds April 11.

In the back of his vehicle, which was never on school property, was an uncased, unloaded shotgun. No ammunition was found, according to the release. 

When staff first saw the man on school property, they asked him to leave. He left on foot down Highcrest Road. But the man, who the release says appears to have no affiliation with any student at the school, returned. 

Staff called 911, prompting the man to leave again. He left in a vehicle this time but was stopped and detained by police for questioning, per the release.

Officers determined he was having a possible mental crisis. The man was evaluated by medics and taken to a facility on a mental health transport hold. 

The case is being forwarded to the city attorney to consider charges. 


— Solomon Gustavo

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