Roseville/Bulletin police reports • Published April 1, 2018

Gentleman thief in New Brighton

Arden Hills

Crash, drugs

A 49-year-old Minneapolis man crashed his car into a light pole at the intersection of Prior Avenue and Prior Circle just after noon March 23, and was arrested for driving without a license, felony criminal property damage and for felony drug possession, after a search of his car turned up bags and residue of a crystal-like substance.


Loose dog

Deputies spotted a pit bull running around in the 3000 block of Lake Johanna Boulevard March 27 so they scooped it up until its owner could be contacted to come and retrieve the dog.


Falcon Heights

Gas and go

Someone pumped then stole $30.44 worth of petrol from the SuperAmerica in the 1300 block of Larpenteur Avenue the night of March 22.




The week of March 12-18 in Lauderdale generated all of two police reports: A 20-year-old man was arrested and cited March 13 at Highway 280 and Broadway Street for driving with a suspended license. A 16-year-old boy stopped March 15 at Larpenteur Avenue and Pleasant Street was arrested and cited for speeding and careless driving.


Little Canada

Family like this ...

A 71-year-old woman who lives part-time in Plymouth and part of the time in Little Canada returned to her Little Canada home March 14 and found that a number of her possessions were missing, including her 2008 Hyundai Sonata. She called the police, telling them she suspected a 36-year-old male relative of being the thief. The sheriff’s office contacted the man, who was uncooperative — no matter, the car was found near the woman’s home on March 22, and the man was found in the area shortly thereafter and arrested for felony theft.


Off the top

The manager of a convenience store located in the 3000 block of Rice Street noticed a till was $150 short of cash and $50 short of voided lottery tickets as reported March 23. The manager suspects an employee is responsible.


Mounds View


A 19-year-old Minneapolis man stopped March 15 at Bronson and Groveland drives was arrested for felony possession of more than $5,000 worth of stolen property as well as possession of marijuana, more than 1.4 grams of it.



Officers responded to a report of a burglary in the 5100 block of Bona Road March 12.


Caller I.D. theft

A Mounds View resident told police March 13 that someone had stolen their identity to open a T-Mobile cell phone account and run up a bill of $126.56.


Hostile work environment

Officers headed to the Holiday gas station located in the 2700 block of Mounds View Boulevard just after noon on March 17 on a report of two employees fighting. They ended up arresting a 34-year-old Bloomington woman for fifth-degree assault.


Mail thefts

Residents reported mail stolen from their mailboxes March 13 in the 2400 block of Clearview Avenue and on March 18 from the 5100 block of Rainbow Lane.


To lock, or not to lock ...

A caller told police they left their vehicle unlocked as it was parked in the 2200 block of Lois Drive and that somebody rummaged through it overnight into March 13, stealing a couple dollars worth of change. Two more reports of unlocked cars being rummaged through came the same day from the 2200 block of Knollwood Drive.


Stolen vehicles

Someone reported the theft of their blue, 2008 Dodge Caravan March 13 from the 7700 block of Edgewood Drive. A tan, 2001 Pontiac Sunfire was reported stolen March 16 from the 7700 block of Silver Lake Road.


What goes around ...

An officer stopped a 38-year-old Blaine man March 21 in the 2600 block of County Road I because his tabs were expired. Information gleaned during the stop shed some light on a previous gas theft involving the vehicle.


New Brighton

Gentleman thief

An employee at the Winner Gas station in the 500 block of Old Highway 8 reported an encounter with a gracious thief March 28. The employee told police a man came into the station and requested some help pumping gas. The employee went and tended the pump at the man’s car while the man remained inside. The man thanked the employee when the car was full and left; it was only after the man was gone that the employee noticed some $229.32 worth of tobacco products were missing.



Brazen package theft

As reported March 26 by a 41-year-old man who lives in the 5800 block of Royal Oak Drive, a woman hopped out of the passenger seat of a white sedan being driven by a man, ran up to his front porch and grabbed a package containing $60 worth of furnace filters; she ran back to the car with the package and they drove off.



A 44-year-old Maple Grove man told deputies March 26 that someone got into his work truck the day before as it was parked in the 100 block of County Road F and stole four tires worth $1,750, its $250 stereo, $125 worth of tools and its $25 fire extinguisher.


St. Anthony

Drunken hit and run

Officers headed to the intersection of 29th Avenue and Coolidge Street March 17 on a report of an accident, which had happened a block or two away. One of the drivers involved in the accident had fled the scene, but their vehicle stalled a block away, where police tracked them down. The driver, a 23-year-old man from St. Paul, registered a blood alcohol concentration of .17 and was arrested for DWI and failing to stop for an accident. The man was taken to the hospital prior to his trip to the county jail to be evaluated after being hit by his car’s airbag. He was released from HCMC and was booked at the Hennepin County Jail.


DWI test refusal

Officers stopped a 23-year-old Columbia Heights man March 17 at Silver Lake Road and 32nd Avenue on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. He refused a breath test so he was booked at the Hennepin County Jail for misdemeanor DWI test refusal, fourth-degree DWI, driving without a license, speeding and having an open bottle of alcohol in the car.


Inside job

Officers headed to the Cub Foods in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road March 16 on a report of an employee who’d apparently stolen some $303 worth of merchandise over the past couple of months. The employee, identified as a 28-year-old, was cited for theft and released.


Lock the car

A 76-year-old woman told police she’d ducked into the Culver’s in the 4000 block of Silver Lake Road March 14 to grab some grub, leaving her car unlocked as she went. When she got back, she found someone had stolen her purse; she called the bank before the thief could make any unathorized charges on her card but she’s still out $55 cash.


Party bust

Officers headed to the 2400 block of 34th Avenue the night of March 16 on a report of a loud party; when they arrived they saw people leaving the area. They found a person who lived at the place, an 18-year-old man. While speaking to him, officers smelled alcohol coming from inside, so they gave the 18-year-old and the other people who were still there breathalyzer tests. Nearly everyone, including the 18-year-old, an 18-year-old woman, a 17-year-old girl, two 16-year-old girls and a 15-year-old girl, passed the breath test registering no alcohol, however, a 16-year-old girl had been drinking. She was taken home; the other juveniles’ parents were told of the incident.


Protection order violation

A 39-year-old woman told police March 14 she’d received a letter from a man against whom she has an order of protection. The man was identified as a 35-year-old; police gathtered evidence, including other letters, questioned the man and turned the case over to the city attorney.



Employees at the Cub Foods in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road followed a 48-year-old woman out of the store March 16 as she left with $263.84 worth of stuff she’d taken without paying. The police came and cited her for theft and sent her on her way.


Warmers beware

A 35-year-old woman told police March 14 she’d started her car and left it unattended to warm up at apartments in the 3800 block of Highcrest Road. When she returned, her 2007 Toyota, worth $6,000, was gone.




Assaults were reported:

• March 22 in the 2800 block of Pascal Street

• March 23 at Rosedale Center

• March 24 at Walnut Street and Terminal Road

• March 24 in the 1500 block of County Road B

• March 25 in the 1400 block of Eldridge Avenue



Burglaries were reported:

• March 22 in the 1200 block of Rose Vista Court

• March 22 in the 2800 block of Pascal Street

• March 23 in the 2800 block of Pascal Street



Thefts were reported:

• March 22 at Walmart

• March 22 at Kohl’s

• March 22 in the 500 block of Sandhurst Drive

• March 23 at Target

• March 23 at Har Mar Mall

• March 23 in the 2600 block of Lexington Avenue

• March 24 at Walmart

• March 24 at Rosedale Center

• March 25 at Rosedale Center

• March 25 in the 1700 block of Marion Street


Motor vehicle thefts were reported:

• March 23 in the 2400 block of Cleveland Avenue


Thefts from auto were reported:

• March 23 in the 3000 block of Highcrest Road


Shoplifting was reported:

• March 23 at Rosedale Center

• March 24 at Har Mar Mall

• March 25 at Har Mar Mall

• March 25 at Rosedale Center

• March 25 at Target



Driving while intoxicated was reported:

• March 25 in the 2500 block of Cleveland Avenue


Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct was reported:

• March 23 at Motel 6

• March 24 at SuperAmerica on Rice Street

• March 24 at Perkins

• March 24 at Lunds & Byerlys

• March 24 at Rosedale Commons

• March 25 at Key Inn & Suites

• March 25 at Norwood Inn & Suites


Property Damage

Criminal damage to property was reported:

• March 22 in the 2600 block of Dale Street

• March 24 in the 1700 block of Shryer Avenue

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