LETTER: ‘A revolution without bullets’

To the Editor: 

The Convention of States Project (COS) supports sovereign states using Article V of the Constitution to bring the federal government back under control of the states, as designed by the framers.  

Mark Meckler, co-founder of COS, and Pete Hegseth, a local Minnesotan, gave a rousing presentation of COS actions at the State Capitol rotunda March 15. More than 450 folks that gathered came from all over Minnesota and were not disappointed in their quest to hear a true rally for the COS initiative.  

Numerous state legislators joined their constituents to voice concerns regarding current federal government overreach and strongly support use of Article V as a viable means to regain needed control of spending, administration and term limits. The perils of inaction towards solving these critical issues are devastatingly real. With petitions for a convention now being circulated in the House, and Senate, optimism regarding further meaningful discussion is high.

The process is deliberate and controlled, and should not be compared to a constitutional convention. For the process to succeed, all 34 required state petitions must agree, thus limiting the scope of proposed amendments to specifically defined areas. Ratification of the proposed amendments is required by 38 states before they are accepted and become actual amendments. 

Hegseth defined the COS Project as a revolution without bullets. Meckler concluded that strong grassroots activities are bringing more representatives and senators to the discussion table, many of whom have a limited understanding of the process. For many of us, it’s time to learn.

Jim McKie, West St. Paul

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