Select Surfaces: the premier provider of quartz countertops

Designers and homeowners can get ideas for applications at the Roseville showroom.

The community-minded business is at the center of the Roseville Design District


A countertop can be as beautiful as it is functional. At Select Surfaces, no customer has to make the choice between elegant design and lifelong durability. 

In its 24 years of business in Roseville, the family behind Select Surfaces has honed in on custom, quartz countertops as its area of expertise, establishing the company as the Twin Cities' premier purveyor. The four Otten siblings — three brothers and one sister — work together to offer superior customer service and precise installations.

The Select Surfaces showroom at Fairview Avenue and County Road C is a dream for the designers, architects, contractors, builders and homeowners who peruse it. It offers a finished environment to view different quartz slabs and applications. The variety of quartz designs on display easily sparks ideas for home renovations.

"There's absolutely something for everybody," says Tanya Otten, who occupies various roles at the company. "A lot of people that aren't familiar with quartz remember it as 'speckly-looking,' but with technology now, there's so much variety in design. And it can be so much more natural looking." 

Quartz also has compelling advantages: it cleans up with soap and water and requires no sealing or maintenance.

Virtually every member of the Select Surfaces team has some design experience on their resume, and their creative minds are matched with the company's advanced technology to create ultra-accurate installations.

"A big part of our business — and this comes with our ability to guarantee — is that we have invested in top-of-the-line technology. When we measure, the accuracy of our measurement is within 1/10,000 of an inch," Tanya says, explaining that countertop installations can be notorious for in-and-out work, since they are often built square or rectangle to begin, then cut down to fit the project's dimensions. 

Thanks to digital measure technology designed by NASA, she says, "we build them to fit perfectly the first time."

Select Surfaces guarantees its craftsmanship and stands behind their work for life, which is a rarity in any industry. The store curates its selection of brands so it knows and trusts the quality of each line.

Another important piece of the company's mission is its partnership with fellow businesses in the Roseville Design District. To those unfamiliar with the area, the Design District refers to a collection of Roseville businesses — mostly family-owned — devoted to home improvement and innovation, all conveniently clustered near County Road C and Fairview Avenue.

"We are the founder and center of the Roseville Design District," Tanya says. "I realized that there were so many design-related showrooms, and we were referring clients back and forth. We did a big kick-off event, and it was at that time we branded our area the Roseville Design District."

Select Surfaces and other businesses in the Design District have used their community influence to support young people going into the trades. Tanya explains that there is a shortage of trade education and a shortage of workers, and many craftsmen and women will be retiring in the next five years.

"Most of us in the District are small, family businesses, so it's really important to us to maintain that level of commitment to our community, and to our youth," she says. 



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