Roselawn Cemetery: caring for families and investing in the community

The Paul Grunland sculpture, "Cube Column Resurrection."

The veterans feature, above, and the “Orchard View” columbarium.

The work of a cemetery is about much more than the practical considerations that come after loss. The staff at Roselawn Cemetery in Roseville can tell you that it’s also about creating beautiful spaces for families to come together and for individuals to visit in solace.

Roselawn is known for its impeccable maintenance and commitment to providing beauty to the Roseville community. In his time as cemetery superintendent, Larry Hudella has overseen the launch of a large-scale development project and several new structures on the Roselawn grounds.

The major development is a new landscape on the north side of the cemetery.

“We’re putting in a pond, and we’re going to have a 200-foot meandering stream with a couple waterfalls. We’re going for a ‘park setting,’” Hudella says. The construction is still ongoing, but the final design promises to be a stunning addition to the already picturesque site.

“This is going to be an asset to all of the people who have property here,” he says.

As for features that are finished and appreciated by the public already, Roselawn is home to an architecturally unique memorial for veterans. The structure is one-of-a-kind in its five-sided design, with each side representing a branch of the military.

“Near the Veterans Feature is a Military Honor Wall. The name of a Veteran and emblem of their service branch can be engraved. They don’t have to be deceased, and they don’t have to be buried here,” Hudella says. The structure is a relatively new project, completed in 2016 — another recent testament to the ongoing reinvigoration of the cemetery.

Memorial Day Weekend is an important time of year at Roselawn. A 10 a.m. Memorial Day service takes place at the monument for the benefit of the community and organ concerts are held throughout the weekend.

Another of Roselawn’s distinctive structures is its “Orchard View” columbarium, a round structure surrounded by a circular bench embedded within a hill. The bench is surrounded by apple trees, with an unparalleled view of the whole property. Hudella says that more apple and pear trees are to be planted soon, truly fulfilling the orchard setting.

Orchard View is certainly not the only option for cremation. Roselawn is proud to have more cremation options than any other cemetery in the city.

“You can never have enough choices for the families, and we like to have the different price ranges,” Hudella says.

Hudella and office manager Michele Lind note that many people whose loved ones were cremated years ago find themselves seeking a place to memorialize them now, for the sake of the family as a whole and their descendents. Memorialization allows everyone touched by a person’s life to have a place to go and honor them.

The team members at Roselawn Cemetery consider themselves community servants. They are creating lasting memories, as well as giving the best possible experience to bereaved families.

“Roselawn is here to be of service to the community,” Hudella says. “At this stage, my purpose is to help the families as much as possible — help guide them through the process of memorialization and planning for the future.”

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