LETTER: Thank you, caucus participants

To the Editor:

I need to say thank you to all who came out to their precinct caucuses Feb. 6. All over the East Side, people came out in droves to vote for a new, shared vision in House District 67B.

I owe a big thanks to my delegates and those who came out to make this integral part of our grassroots democracy possible. I love the East Side. This great city is all I have ever called home and I will never stop giving back. As you do the hard and necessary work of working to become delegates in your precincts, your pledge to support me reminds me of my promise to you, to consider every member of our community when I make policy decisions that affect all of us.

The work we started Feb. 6 is only the start. I will never stop fighting for a more just and equitable community where we all feel safe and welcome. This includes advocating for better systems and policies that will elevate our children’s learning in the schools, asking for more resources to fix our infrastructure and maintain our public transit, and being a steward of the beautiful green spaces and natural resources. 

For all the work you did Feb. 6, I am humbled, proud and excited to know that you are willing to stand with me and with our party. Thanks to everyone who came out to caucus regardless of candidate or issue. You are what make this democratic republic what it is.

Jay Xiong, St. Paul – House District 67B candidate

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