From independent to assisted living, Heritage Place is your new forever home

Marlene Meehan works on a puzzle at one of Heritage Place's many cozy tables. She enjoys getting out of her apartment and relaxing with other tenants.

Heritage Place is tucked away at 563 County Road B in Roseville, located near many familiar amenities such as shopping, churches and more.

The Roseville residence provides its tenants with comfort and care in a warm, welcoming setting


When looking for your next place to live, you want somewhere that will not only feel like home, but will also adjust to your needs for years to come.

Heritage Place in Roseville is just that — a local, comfortable place for seniors looking for their forever home — which now offers independent and assisted living.

The sense of community really begins when you can talk and get to know the people around you, and the size and coziness of Heritage Place helps build connections. 

Where other 55-and-older buildings may have 100 or more units, Sales Director Brielle Betzold says Heritage Place boasts just half that number.

"We have 50 units, so you know everybody," she says. "You have your own private apartment and it's quiet and homelike."

That was the main appeal for resident Marlene Meehan and her husband. She says she enjoys living in a place that really feels like home.

"It's homey, it's not modern," Meehan says. "When you're 80 or 90 years old, you don't need modern. You know what you like and what you're accustomed to living with."

But what happens when you're ready to make that next move, from independent to assisted living? Heritage Place is ready to meet your needs.

Heritage Place added assisted living services so tenants could stay in their current apartments and receive the help they need, and with a newly installed lift, the residence now has every angle covered.

"When people start needing more assistance, that really isn't the time for them to move," Betzold says. "So when they move here, it can be home forever."

The idea of independent living combined with assisted living is appealing for many reasons: With others living nearby, you can enjoy life without having to worry about chores and home maintenance, and when it's time for a change, there's no need to leave the home you've grown to love.

Beyond being well-equipped to meet your needs at home, Heritage Place is conveniently located for getting out on the town. Located just off Highway 36 and County Road B, the building offers access to all the same attractions its tenants have always enjoyed. Whether still driving or taking advantage of the free transportation services, tenants can attend the same church services, dine at the same restaurants and visit with friends like they always have. 

That's not to say there isn't plenty happening at Heritage Place.

"There's always something going on," Betzold says. "There's multiple activities going on during the day so if residents want to participate they can. If they don't want to, they don't have to and nobody bothers them."

No matter your needs, concerns or preferences, Heritage Place is ready to provide that sense of comfort, home and community. The Heritage Place team will be there when you're ready for your next — and final — move.

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