Monthly highlight from School District 622 - February 2018

submitted photo • Early childhood staff are key to successful events, such as Friday Family Fun Nights, because they interact with the children and model how to practice skills.

We have all heard the research about the importance of the early years of a child’s life, with extensive brain development occurring between birth and age 5. We also know that positive family relationships are critical to children’s healthy growth and development. 

In addition to ongoing Early Childhood Family Education and preschool programs, District 622 periodically hosts Friday Family Fun Nights for families with children under age 5. 

Recently Beaver Lake Early Learning Center hosted a Family Fun Night that included learning stations set up like rooms in a home. Classrooms were converted to resemble a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a car. Examples of activities included: sorting items by type, building language skills by naming items, counting items needed and creating patterns with different items. Families went home with lots of ideas for learning activities that could easily be repeated at home. 

On Jan. 26, Gladstone Early Learning Center in Maplewood hosted a similar event where families were able to interact with staff, enjoy crafts and gym time, and meet other families while enjoying a free dinner. Parents were also sent home with takeaway tips. 

These events are a great way to engage with families during the winter months. They have been very well attended and families have appreciated the opportunity to interact with early childhood staff and meet other families with young children.

Two additional Friday Family Fun Nights are scheduled for Friday, Feb. 23 and Friday, March 16, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Gladstone Community Education Center, 1945 Manton St., Maplewood. 

These events will feature a librarian from the North St. Paul branch of the Ramsey County Library, who will lead story time and have a quick and easy way for parents to sign up for library cards. The event scheduled for March 16 will also include a book giveaway. Interested families may call 651-702-8411 to register.

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