LETTER: Thanks to the residents for fueling up in the battle against Breast Cancer

To the Editor:

On behalf of Hope Chest for Breast Cancer and Minnoco, we would like to thank our community’s residents for fueling up with E15/Unleaded Plus. Local Minnoco owners in our community including South St. Paul and throughout Minnesota donated two cents for each gallon of E15/Unleaded Plus sold during the second half of September and all of October to Hope Chest – totaling more than $22,000 during this year’s effort. 

E15/Unleaded Plus contains five percent more ethanol than standard gasoline, displacing more toxic chemicals that form potent carcinogens when burned – the same carcinogens linked to smog and asthma. It is better for the environment and our health. 

Hope Chest for Breast Cancer supports breast cancer patients and families by alleviating some of the financial burdens associated with breast cancer. While patients fight against cancer, Hope Chest is here to help.

 Hope Chest was proud to accept the donation from drivers and Minnoco owners during this 3rd Annual Pink Out. Thanks again to Minnoco retailers, especially the Greene family, of Kaposia Convenience Center, and every person used the pink pump handle supporting Hope Chest through your purchase of E15/Unleaded Plus.

Nancy Pilhofer, Executive Director for Hope Chest

Lance Klatt, Executive Director of Minnoco

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