Oakdale decreases city tax rate for 2018, as property values go up

The Oakdale City Council unanimously passed an $11.6 million property tax levy for 2018, which will result in a 1.26 percent reduction in the city tax rate, compared to this year.

At the Dec. 12 council meeting, finance director Suzy Warren explained that the reduction in the tax rate is because overall property values in the city increased.

During Warren’s presentation, she showed the council examples of the tax impact on four properties. Because most properties in Oakdale increased in value from 2017 to 2018, this change was reflected in the examples. 

In one example, a home that was worth $153,500 in 2017 increased to be worth $169,600 in 2018. 

The owner of this property would have paid $516.77 for the city portion of their taxes in 2017, and will pay an additional $51.05 in 2018.

Another example was a home valued at $280,800 in 2017, which increased in value to $292,900 in 2018. 

In 2017, the owner of this property would have paid $1067.71 for city taxes, which will increase $17.15 in 2018.

“Of course everybody in the city is going to be impacted differently by this levy,” Warren said. “Even if we levied the same amount from year to year, some people’s property taxes are going to go down and some people’s property taxes are going to go up, and that largely depends on the change in the value of their properties and the change in the value of the properties around them.”

About $8.5 million of the property tax levy will go toward general operating costs, making up the largest portion of the levy. The levy also includes about $2.4 million of required bond payments. Those bonds financed road reconstruction and public safety equipment.

The general fund budget, which was also passed Dec. 12, includes $12.8 million in expenses, a roughly $280,000, or 2.27 percent, increase over 2017.

—Aundrea Kinney

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