Police seek information regarding brazen daytime shooting on Highway 36

Two vehicles were involved in a daytime shooting that took place at the intersection of Century Avenue and Highway 36 on Nov. 22.

“It was probably more than likely a drug deal kind of gone bad,” said Captain Dustin Nikituk from the North St. Paul Police Department.

According to Nikituk, someone in a vehicle on Highway 36 got into an altercation with another driver and fired three shots on the Oakdale side of the intersection.

Officers from the Oakdale Police Department, North St. Paul Police Department and the Minnesota State Patrol arrived on scene just after noon, and discovered that the vehicle that had been shot at ran into an uninvolved vehicle while fleeing the scene.

Neither of the involved vehicles nor the people who might have been in them were at the intersection when officers arrived, according to Oakdale police.

A statement from the Oakdale Police Department said that no one at the scene was injured and Oakdale community affairs officer Michelle Stark said there’s been no indication that any person in the involved vehicles was injured in the shooting.

On Nov. 22, Oakdale police asked for information from the community in an email sent to subscribers of Oakdale Police Department updates.

On Nov. 30, Stark noted that the department has identified people of interest, but is still looking for additional information. 

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Oakdale Police Department tipline at 651-730-2786 or email OakdaleCID@ci.oakdale.mn.us.


Aundrea Kinney

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