LETTER: Thank you, Rep. Sheldon Johnson

To the Editor:

I’m a proud, lifelong East Sider, and part of that pride comes from the fact that we’ve had an outstanding team of representatives at the Minnesota Capitol. A few years ago, when I was a legislative staffer at the Minnesota House of Representatives, I took some time off to care for my father after his health declined rapidly and he was forced to take early retirement. He lost his income as well as his health care coverage. I became the sole provider for my parents and siblings. It was a difficult time for us.

When my State Rep. Sheldon Johnson learned about it, he personally reached out to me and was instrumental in helping my family navigate the system to ensure my father received the necessary medical coverage and financial assistance. There’s the usual constituency work that elected representatives should be doing, but what Sheldon did shows the personal kindness and passion he brings to the job he’s held for 18 years.

Though I am sad to hear that my friend and representative Sheldon will retire at the end of this legislative session, I also know that if anyone deserves a little rest to be with his family, it’s Sheldon. Thank you, Sheldon, for your many years of service to the people of Minnesota and the good neighbors of District 67B. You’ve been a great champion for our neighborhoods and our district, and I hope you will continue to support those who continue the fight for the values you stood for.

Jay Xiong, St. Paul


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