LETTER: Halloween courtesy

To the Editor: 

My husband and I have lived in our current home for nearly 10 years. We often experience busy Halloweens with many children coming to our door. While we usually enjoy Halloween — including seeing children’s costumes and seeing neighbors whom we rarely encounter the rest of the year — in recent years we have experienced occasional rude behavior. 

Previously a small number of children reacted negatively to our Halloween treats, snack cakes, as we distributed them, perhaps because these children did not recognize the brand. This year we found three of our Halloween treats, one opened and two unopened, on the ground near our house: not only rude, but wasteful. 

We give snack cakes because they are something we would have loved to have received as Halloween treats when we were children. The snack cakes we give are delicious, provided that children are willing to try what may be an unfamiliar brand. 

Children who engage in the time-honored, usually enjoyable custom of trick-or-treating should not make comments about what they receive to treat-givers, nor should they waste treats by treating them as litter. There were various treats I did not like myself as a child, especially sour candy, but I never considered expressing my dislike to the givers: after trick-or-treating, the custom was to trade unwanted treats with siblings and friends! 

Parents and families, please encourage civic behavior — manners — in your children. Thank you. 

Roberta M. Beach, St. Paul


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