LETTER: Carter for mayor

To the Editor:

As a resident of Ward 3 in St. Paul who was once represented by council member Pat Harris, I thought East Side voters might be interested in my perspective on election for his attempt to become our next mayor. 

While his campaign materials claim a number of accomplishments in his time on the council, I don’t recall him as a leader on any of the issues. It’s been six years since he left office to pursue his career as a banker. Not surprisingly, he’s endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce and others with an interest in business as usual.

We can’t afford business as usual any more. Our current council members, including Dai Thao, and our current mayor’s office follow their own agendas with little regard for the wishes of the people they represent, whether about who picks up our trash and how much we pay for it or paying for sports stadiums. Meanwhile, our property taxes rise without an end in sight, at the expense of homeowners, small businesses and tenants, who ultimately pay those taxes.

I am ready for a change. That’s why I ask you to consider making Melvin Carter your first choice for mayor. 

James Hamilton, St. Paul


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