Inquiring Minds: A fruit named kiwano

Q. What is a kiwano?

A. You have probably seen them in the grocery store, even if you didn’t know the name. A kiwano is a bright-orange, melon-like plant, covered in somewhat ferocious-looking spines.  Its alias is the “horned melon,” and that’s a pretty accurate description. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, the kiwano is now grown widely in Europe and the United States, where botanically it is considered closely related to the cucumber family.  Its bright green flesh is supposed to taste like a cross between a banana, a lime and a squash. Although some connoisseurs liken it to a kiwifruit.  

Some hardy souls actually eat the spiky peel, which is supposed to be high in vitamin c and dietary fiber. Most prefer to add the green, jelly-like flesh of the kiwano to fruit smoothies or to cut it up for salads. 

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