Roseville/Bulletin People: September 24, 2017

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Concordia Academy football coach Bob Wolf asked for volunteers to help a couple move some heavy furniture on Saturday, Sept. 16. Even though it would take place the morning after a Friday night game, a group of players willingly volunteered for this mini service project. What Wolf hadn’t told them was that they would be helping out Carl Eller, a Minnesota Vikings player from 1964-1978, and his wife Molly. The boys were understandably surprised when they arrived and found out whom they were helping. Molly’s mother referred to them as “God’s burly angels.” At the end of the day, Eller unexpectedly signed helmets for the players, Wolf and coach Eric Schutte. He also took everyone to see his basement of memorabilia. The whole opportunity came about thanks to a connection that Schutte has with the Eller family.


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