Undercover police nab pimp in Oakdale

Shaun Maubach

Second time man sentenced for sex trafficking


A 32-year-old Mahtomedi man arrested in Oakdale this summer during an undercover sex trafficking sting was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to felony sex trafficking.

Shaun Maubach entered his guilty plea Sept. 6. Since he was previously convicted of sex trafficking in 2009, an additional four years were added to his sentence.

According to court documents, Maubach first landed in the sights of law enforcement after Woodbury police arrested him June 20 on burglary warrants out of Washington state and Kansas. He was staying at the LaQuinta Inn in Woodbury at the time.

While Maubach was under arrest, police discovered that he was in possession of methamphetamine, and he told police he knew the location of $10,000 worth of methamphetamine, as well as a marijuana growing operation.

As proof, he reportedly showed police photos on his phone. While examining the phone, a detective found photos and conversations suggesting Maubach was involved with prostitution. In one text message Maubach admitted he was a pimp and that he was “running 6 girls.”

Court documents say the detective found connections between Maubach and more than 15 commercial sex advertisements posted in the Twin Cities. The woman featured in the advertisements was connected to more than 100 advertisements running throughout Washington, Colorado and Minnesota.


The arrest

On June 20, Maubach was charged in Washington County as a “fugitive from justice.” He posted bond and was released from jail. 

Shortly after his release, a Woodbury detective saw another advertisement featuring the same woman; it listed her location as “Oakdale.” Working undercover, on June 28 the Woodbury detective began sending text messages to the phone number in the advertisement, and agreed to pay $250 for one hour of sex, according to court documents. 

The woman was dropped off in the 5600 block of Hadley Avenue North in Oakdale, by a man driving a pickup truck. When an Oakdale detective and a Woodbury detective interviewed her, the woman admitted she was there to have sex in exchange for money and identified Maubach as the driver of the pickup truck.

Court documents say that in the interview the woman also said the money she earned went toward paying “their bills.” She reportedly added that Maubach uses a phone tracking application to “monitor where she is and what she is doing” and that once her cell phone is turned on, Maubach is able to see and hear everything. Police noted that she seemed afraid of Maubach and relieved that police intervened.

During the interview, the Woodbury detective received multiple calls from the number used to set up the meeting, court documents say. When one of the calls was answered, Maubach angrily demanded to “speak with the girl.” He then drove the pickup truck back to the area of the 5600 block of Hadley Avenue and was arrested.

He reportedly denied tracking the woman but admitted he was a drug dealer who dated prostitutes, and in a recorded jail call he asked someone close to him to erase everything in each of his accounts and the accounts of the sex trafficking victim before police could get a search warrant. 

Police noted in a statement that they have identified one additional alleged sex trafficking victim associated with Maubach and investigations into other alleged victims are still ongoing. 

Court records show Maubach has a long criminal history involving several convictions for violent crime, including burglary, assault and domestic abuse, in addition to the felony sex trafficking conviction from 2009.


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