Roseville/Bulletin police reports • Published August 13, 2017

Arden Hills

Dog on the loose

A big dog got loose Aug. 7 in the 4300 block of Arden View Court. It’s owner, a woman who was watching her grandchildren, teamed up with the kids and did her best to catch the dog, but not before it went after a smaller leashed dog, whose owner got pulled down, scraping her elbow. They eventually caught the bigger dog; the smaller dog was scared but otherwise fine.

Double tapped

A man told police someone smashed a window on his truck Aug. 3 as it was parked at his place in the 4600 block of Prior Avenue and stole his garage door opener. On Aug. 7, someone used the garage door opener to get into the man’s garage, stealing tools, including a cordless drill and an impact wrench.


A 22-year-old Worthington woman was found passed out Aug. 2 behind the wheel of her car at a greenlight at the intersection of County Road E and Lexington Avenue around 1 a.m. Though she told police she hadn’t been drinking, the bottle of Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor in her purse and the styrofoam cupful of beer foam in the cup holder told otherwise.  She was booked at the jail for third-degree DWI.

Garden-variety vandalism

Someone hopped the fence into the garden center at the hardware store in the 3500 block of Lexington Avenue overnight into Aug. 8 and broke some pots and cut some plants, causing $500 worth of damage.

Light in the dark

Staff at the National Guard Readiness Center near the intersection of County Road I and Schutta Road reported seeing several people with flashlights roaming around the property the evening of Aug. 4. Deputies responded but didn’t find anything. 

Falcon Heights


Police picked up a 33-year-old woman from the pub in the 1600 block of Larpenteur Avenue July 26 — she was booked at the Ramsey County Jail for a Ramsey County trespassing warrant.


Police found a 50-year-old man face down in the median in the area of Snelling and Larpenteur avenues July 28. He was very intoxicated and tested a .256 blood alcohol concentration — four times the legal limit when it comes to driving — and was taken to detox.

Tobacco bust

Police cited a 22-year-old employee at the BP gas station in the 1600 block of Snelling Avenue after he sold tobacco to a minor during a July 27 police compliance check.


Strange times

Police out on patrol July 28 in the area of the 1700 block of Walnut Street saw a suspicious person on a bike in an alley. A short time later, a car exited the alley; police saw that the bike the person had been riding was laying back in the alley. Officers stopped the car and asked the occupants what they were up to. They said they were looking for a friend, who was drunk. Another squad car found the friend; officers inventoried the bike.

Little Canada


Someone forced their way into a woman’s apartment in the 200 block of County Road B2 Aug. 3 and stole her car title. There were pry marks all over her patio door and there’s possible security footage of the burglar. Police are investigating.

Someone made their way into a construction site in the first block of Minnesota Avenue overnight into Aug. 7 and stole $3,000 worth of construction equipment.

Someone broke into a garage in the 100 block of Little Canada Road as reported Aug. 7 and stole $1,500 worth of stuff, including a kid’s motor scooter, a bike, a locked safe, clothes and several coolers of beer.

Domestic assault

Police arrested a 25-year-old woman from St. Paul Aug. 8 after she stabbed her 34-year-old girlfriend because the woman refused to give her a ride. The 34-year-old woman was cut above her left eye; the younger woman also slashed a tire on the 34-year-old’s car. The 34-year-old told police she didn’t need to go to the hospital; the 25-year-old was arrested and taken to jail and booked for domestic assault.


A 19-year-old man from Maplewood and a 20-year-old St. Paul man were cited and arrested Aug. 8 for trespassing after breaking into the warming house at the skatepark in the 400 block of Little Canada Road by breaking a window. The two adults — and a juvenile — were caught smoking marijuana inside. The Ramsey County Attorney is considering trespassing charges for the kid.


Police headed to an apartment complex in the 2800 block of Rustic Place the night of Aug. 5 on a report of up to 15 teenage boys fighting, but when they arrived deputies only a found two kids, ages 15 and 16. They were drunk. The kids were cited for underage drinking and taken home, one to White Bear Lake and the other to Centerville

Mounds View

Broken window

A 54-year-old man told police someone caused $300 worth of damage to his truck by smashing its back window as it was parked in the 7600 block of Woodlawn Drive Aug. 3.


Someone passed off two counterfeit $100 bills at the Subway in the 2436 block of Mounds View Boulevard as reported Aug. 5.

Disorderly conduct

A 39-year-old man caused some $5,000 worth of damage to a 52-year-old man’s car Aug. 4 as it was parked in the 7700 block of Knollwood Drive. The younger man was arrested for criminal property damage.

Lock your garage

Someone waltzed into an unlocked garage in the 5400 block of Jackson Drive and stole a $300 generator, $60 trolling motor and two bikes, valued at $230, as reported Aug. 5.

Thwarted package theft

Police responded to a report of an attempted package theft Aug. 4 in the 5200 block of Sunnyside Road. A 33-year-old man is the prime suspect.

Shot fired

Police responded to the 7900 block of Greenwood drive on a report of a gunshot Aug. 8. They found a bullet casing in the area.

Underage drinking

Police arrested and cited a 19-year-old man Aug. 5 for underage drinking and driving, underage consumption and speeding after stopping him in the area of Long Lake Road and Ardan Avenue. His passenger, a 17-year-old, was also cited for underage consumption.

New Brighton


A man called police Aug. 6 and told them a woman had assaulted him before hanging up. Officers responded to the area of the call and found a woman, a 41-year-old from Rochester, who had a warrant out for violating probation. She was booked at the jail; the man didn’t want to press assault charges.

Police responded to a report of a fight between a man and a woman Aug. 6. Upon arrival they saw a woman run out of an apartment buidling holding her head as if she were injured or distressed. They tracked down her 24-year-old boyfriend who admitted the two had been fighting; the woman said it started out as a verbal argument. The man didn’t obey officers and began pushing them; one officer injured his arm in the scuffle as the man was put under arrest. He was booked at the jail for obstructing the legal process.


Police responded to the Cowboy Jacks bar in the 2300 block of Palmer Drive the night of Aug. 9 on a report of two men fighting in the parking lot. They found the men and broke it up; they said they were just a couple of buddies getting into it over some money. Both denied throwing punches. Police ran their names and found the 41-year-old half of the scuffle had a warrant out, so he was booked at the jail.


Someone threw landscaping blocks through a bedroom window in the 1500 block of Silver Lake Road overnight into Aug. 5.

Stolen grace

A 41-year-old woman told police Aug. 8 that someone stole her $12 “Peace Love Humanity” sign out of her front yard in the 1600 block of 18th Avenue.

Stolen package

A 54-year-old man reported the theft of a package from his home in the 1200 block of Long Lake Road Aug. 4.

Tool theft

An 87-year-old man told police Aug. 5 someone stole a tool box off his deck in the 100 block of Windsor Court, a $55 loss.



A 41-year-old woman told police Aug. 2 someone got into her garage overnight in the 5900 block of Scenic Place and stole items from her car, including a key fob, work laptop and her purse, which contained cash, her driver’s license and credit cards, which were promptly canceled. She said she thought she’d closed the garage door but it was open in the morning.

Someone got into a 21-year-old man’s apartment in the 3400 block of Owasso Street as reported Aug. 6. The prowler evidently got in through the balcony door and stole a laptop, Xbox and cash, a loss of $2,400.

Candy and soda

Police were told some kids were seen tampering with the concessions stand at Rice Creek Fields in the 500 block of Rice Creek Parkway, damaging a gate and fence. They may have made off with some candy and soda.


A 64-year-old woman called police Aug. 8 to report her small dog was attacked by a pit bull while out for a walk in the 5900 block of Fernwood Street. The smaller dog got away with only a small scrape and bruise.

Lock your car

A 44-year-old man told police Aug. 8 someone got into his unlocked car as it was parked in the 1200 block of West Royal Oaks Drive and stole his GPS and prescription medications.

Responsible gun owner

An employee at the Five Guys burger place in the 1000 block of Red Fox Road found a handgun left on top of a hand dryer in the restaurant bathroom Aug. 4. Police came and collected the gun, eventually figuring out it belonged to a 69-year-old Maplewood man who had a permit to carry it. He said he forgot his gun in the bathroom.


A 47-year-old Richfield man was arrested Aug. 4 at the Target in the 3800 block of Lexington Avenue as he attempted to steal $434 worth of merchandise. Store employees were tipped off about the man’s presence after they saw his car, known to be linked to other shoplifting incidents, in the parking lot. Deputies arrived as the man tried to exit the store with the stolen stuff, and he tried to play it cool and go back inside, but he was still caught.

St. Anthony


Employees at the Cub Foods in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road told police July 26 that a man had pushed a cart full of $150 worth of groceries out to his car without paying. When employees caught up with him he was confused and refused to return to the store; he drove off with all the merchandise. Police were given the man’s license plate number and he was possibly identified as a 52-year-old.


Police responded to a report of a fight at the intersection of 33rd Avenue and Stinson Boulevard — two woman were in the street yelling at each other. One of the woman, identified as a 26-year-old, lied about her identitiy to officers, most likely to avoid being caught for her outstanding St. Louis County warrant for a felony probation violation. She was arrested and booked at the Hennepin County Jail.

Lifted card

A 28-year-old server at the sports bar in the 3700 block of Stinson Boulevard told police July 25 that someone had stolen one of her credit cards out of her purse and used it for three transactions before it was declined during a fourth. She said the purse was in an employees-only area when the card was stolen and gave officers information about a possible suspect.

Out of breath? 

Police stopped a 51-year-old woman from Columbia Heights July 28 at Silver Lane and Stinson Boulevard for DWI. She didn’t provide enough breath for the breathalyzer but nonetheless was booked at the Hennepin County Jail for third-degree DWI and second-degree DWI test refusal.

Silverware raid

A 77-year-old woman told police July 24 that someone had broken into her apartment in the 2500 block of Kenzie Terrace and stolen some $13,700 worth of silverware, including the chest it was kept in. Police are investigating.

Stolen eyeglasses

A 27-year-old woman told police July 29 someone had rummaged through her car as it was parked at apartments in the 2500 block of Silver Lane. The prowler stole two pairs of eyeglasses valued at $400.

Tar on the car

A 55-year-old man came down to the police station July 25 to report that tar was put on the hood of his car. He and officers watched security video of the incident and identified the culprits: two 12-year-old boys. The man told police he didn’t want to press charges but did want to talk to the kids’ parents.

Tobacco bust too

A 20-year-old employee at the SuperAmerica in the 3200 block of Stinson Boulevard was cited for selling tobacco to an underage customer July 26 during a police compliance check.



Assaults were reported:

• Aug. 3 at Rosedale Center

• Aug. 7 at Minnesota Department of Education

• Aug. 8 at Rosedale Center


Attempted burglaries were reported:

• Aug. 8 in the 1900 block of Oakcrest Avenue

Burglaries were reported:

• Aug. 3 in the 1200 block of Garden Avenue

• Aug. 3 in the 1900 block of Lexington Avenue


Thefts were reported:

• Aug. 3 in the 2800 block of Pascal Street

• Aug. 3 at Cub Foods on Larpenteur Avenue

• Aug. 3 at Shell Gas

• Aug. 3 at Days Inn

• Aug. 4 in the 400 block of South McCarrons Boulevard

• Aug. 4 at Rosedale Commons

• Aug. 4 at Once Upon A Child

• Aug. 6 at Denny’s on Twin Lakes Parkway

• Aug. 6 at Rosedale Center

• Aug. 6 at Joe Senser’s Sports Theater

• Aug. 7 at Trustone Financial

• Aug. 7 in the 400 block of South McCarrons Boulevard

• Aug. 7 at Walmart

• Aug. 7 at Rosedale Center

• Aug. 8 at Rosedale Center

• Aug. 8 at Norwood Inn & Suites

Motor vehicle thefts were reported:

• Aug. 3 at Rosedale Center

• Aug. 7 in the 2200 block of Hamline Avenue

• Aug. 7 at Rosedale Center

Shoplifting was reported:

• Aug. 3 at Rosedale Commons

• Aug. 3 at Walmart

• Aug. 4 at Rosedale Center

• Aug. 5 at Har Mar Mall

• Aug. 5 in the 1900 block of County Road B2

• Aug. 5 at Rosedale Center

• Aug. 6 at Har Mar Mall

• Aug. 7 at Target

• Aug. 8 at Office Depot


Driving while intoxicated was reported:

• Aug. 3 in the 2400 block of Fairview Avenue

• Aug. 5 at Terrace Drive and Fairview Avenue

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct was reported:

• Aug. 3 at Rosedale Center

• Aug. 3 at Motel 6

• Aug. 3 at Har Mar Mall

• Aug. 4 at Roseville License Center

• Aug. 4 at Walmart

• Aug. 5 at Days Inn

• Aug. 6 at Norwood Inn and Suites

Property Damage

Criminal damage to property was reported:

• Aug. 3 in the 2000 block of Fry Street

• Aug. 8 in the 2300 block of Prior Avenue

Shots Fired

Shots were reportedly fired:

• Aug. 3 in the 2400 block of Nancy Place


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