Inquiring Minds: Other FBI directors fired

Each week the staff at the Roseville Library answers more than 2,500 questions on every subject under the sun. Here are some of the most interesting ones they’ve gotten lately.

Q. When President Trump fired the head of the FBI, they said that this was only the second time in history that a president had dismissed the FBI director. What was the first?​

A.  In 1993, President Bill Clinton fired then FBI chief William Sessions. In those less partisan times, Sessions had been appointed by a Republican president but was also respected by Democrats for his efforts to open FBI service to minorities and women.  However, during his tenure the FBI was widely criticized for its handling of episodes in Ruby Ridge, Idaho and the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, in 1992 and 1993. In those events, it was claimed, unnecessary force had been used to overcome anti-government separatists. Sessions, (who is no relation to the current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions) was also accused of improprieties related to misuse of FBI funds for personal expenses and travel, as well as abuses of the power of his office. It was all too much for President Clinton, who summarily fired Sessions in July 1993.  (Internet news resources.)

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