Kath: a no-brainer for any homeowner

Brent Golaski has worked at KATH for 9 years and is just one of the experienced staff.

ng & Electrical, customers get more than 70 years of expert knowledge and a no-worries guarantee on their new furnace or air conditioner.

The company’s warranty is not an added charge or promotional gimmick -- it’s just how Kath does business. 

Kath’s expert staff treat customers right, providing top-notch installation and service for heating, cooling and electrical jobs, and their long list of repeat customers and scores of testimonials show they have their clients’ best interests at heart.

Front-office employees Rodney Johansen and Sue Tubman have more than 60 years of combined experience on the job, and they are the first people customers see when they walk into the showroom. 

Likewise, when you phone Kath, you will speak directly to Rodney or Sue, rather than an impersonal voice-mail system.

“At Kath, you have a company that has a heart, and not just a computer-generated response,” Sue says.

If you have furnace or air conditioning troubles, Rodney and Sue talk with you to assess your needs before scheduling a technician to come out to fix the problem. 

Sue explains that from the first moment people call Kath, they are talking to a knowledgeable person. And as a factory-authorized dealer of Carrier products, Kath provides some of the finest, most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems available.

“We carry the best, most reliable products on the market,” sales representative Jim Manos says proudly. “That’s what makes us different.”

Because Kath doesn’t subcontract installation or service work, it has direct control over the employees it lets into your home, and that’s reflected in the quality of work done and customer satisfaction.

Lately, more and more customers are choosing to have Kath install Carrier’s new Infinity Touch Wi-Fi thermostat. The touch screen is easy to program, displays both indoor and outdoor temperatures, and allows heating and cooling systems to be controlled down to the minute to maximize energy usage. 

Homeowners can rest assured when they decide to take a vacation in the dead of winter that their furnace is problem free -- they can check in with their Infinity thermostat remotely via an Internet connection. If anything does go wrong, they’ll be notified immediately. 

They can also arrange to have Kath’s service staff alerted, too, so technicians can address the problem as soon as possible -- eliminating the need to rush home from warmer parts of the world because there’s a furnace issue. 

Rodney recommends people have their furnace and air conditioner checked out during the off-season, so they have time to study their options if they are facing a replacement decision in the near future.

Something homeowners need to start thinking about is what type of refrigerant is in their air conditioners. R-22, the coolant in many outdoor units, will be phased out by 2020 because of its harmful environmental effects. The cost for recharging the refrigerant is also going up.

“Call us and have your air conditioner checked out. If it’s an older model, then you will know ahead of time if it’s going to be OK or whether it’s not,” Jim says.

He adds that Kath’s service personnel are known for providing reputable service and helping clients identify the best HVAC products for their homes. 

Jim explains that this proven know-how and stellar service are the only ways to become -- and remain -- an authorized Carrier dealer. Kath has had to continue a flawless customer-service record and keep current with cutting-edge technology to maintain Carrier’s “factory authorized dealer” stamp of approval.

Kath’s technicians are trained to do all types of repairs, installations, and warranty work. They also service older-model oil furnaces.

With a full line of high-quality products and a veteran staff, Kath is the obvious choice for heating, air conditioning and electrical work.

Want to talk to them about your home’s needs? Stop by Kath’s Little Canada showroom and talk face-to-face with the friendly, experienced staff. 

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