Dental Associates of St. Paul will keep your family smiling

The team at Dental associates of Tt. Paul is committed to quality care for the whole family at an affordable price.

Every dentist knows the importance of forming good oral hygiene habits early in life and the benefits of preventative care. That’s why the Dental Associates of St. Paul are now offering increased Saturday hours and appointments, including opportunities for children. 

Melissa Landsteiner, practice manager at Dental Associates, says this development came about in the last few months due to patient demand. 

“It’s hard for parents to find time when the children are in school, and it’s a lot more convenient when they can bring them on a Saturday,” she says. 

It may be a challenge to work into a busy schedule, but it couldn’t be more important to your child’s health. According to the CDC, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease for children and the American Dental Association recommends all babies visit the dentist by the end of their first year, or when their first tooth appears. 

Dental Associates is fortunate to be working with Dr. Nelson. He has decades of children’s dentistry experience providing pediatric care. The team at Dental Associates is also sure to communicate with parents how to best maintain their children’s pearly whites and help them remain cavity-free.  

Besides children’s care, Dental Associates is unique in having its own, onsite laboratory for same day or next day denture repairs, relines, and partial or complete dentures. With no need to send anything out of the building, the in-house laboratory helps patients save time and money. 

“Having our own onsite dental laboratory gives us the opportunity to deliver quality dentures at an affordable cost. Our doctors communicate directly with our onsite technicians to produce quality dentures,” says Dr. David Maki, D.D.S.

Dental Associates of St. Paul has also increased availability for same-day and next-day appointments, and they always accept new patients. 

To save first-time visitors a little time, check out Dental Associates’ website, where you can fill out your new patient paperwork. The site is easy to navigate and can answer most preliminary questions about what services are offered, what you need for your visit and contact information for the clinic. 

Dental Associates offers competitively priced dental care and accepts most insurance plans, including state plans. For those without insurance Dental Associates also offers Care Plans that it calls, “the smart alternative to dental insurance.” 

The plans allow you to choose what is right for you or your family, and offer an opportunity for savings.

Dental Associates of St. Paul provides a full range of services from routine check-ups to digital X-rays and any other treatment you may need. Cleanings, checkups, fillings, children’s dental care, emergency care, and oral surgery, sedation for implants and extractions, root canals, denture services and partials, and crowns and bridges are all on the menu. 

The sunny clinic also has interpreters available for patients whose native language isn’t English. 

The modern, welcoming Dental Associates of St. Paul is conveniently located on White Bear Avenue in St. Paul to help with any dental needs, from toddlers to grandpa. Visit the office in person or at

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