Culture is celebrated in District 622 schools

The Fireflies Hmong Dance Group performed during the Eagle Point Elementary School Culture Fair Feb. 2.

Awetash Beyene shares Ethiopian coffee samples at the Eagle Point Elementary Culture Fair. The evening kicked off in the cafeteria with a variety of dishes from around the world and performances in the gym followed.

North High’s 4th annual Festival of Cultures showcased food from several cultures, including these students serving up Nigerian food of jollof rice, suya and meat pie. They also performed a West African dance later in the auditorium. Fifty-eight languages are represented in District 622.

A Native American dance concluded the entertainment during the Festival of Cultures at North High Feb. 10. Informational displays and free food from over fifteen cultures were also featured.

Cowern 4th-grader Aaron Byrd and his dad, also Aaron Byrd, presented “Who Am I” in honor of African American History Month during the school’s family night Feb. 9. From patents, civil rights, literature to president, several people were highlighted. After enjoying pizza, families took part in the “gallery walk” and learned from families representing the different cultures in the community.

“Christmas in Mexico” was presented by Cowern 4th-grader Alessandra Morales and her family. Traditions such as Las Posadas, reenactment of pilgrimage by Mary and Joseph, and Dia De Reyes to celebrate the three wise men, were explained as well as talking about traditional meals.
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