Furniture fraud in Little Canada

Arrests, Thefts and more around Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, and Roseville - Roseville Review police reports December 20, 2016.


Falcon Heights


Booze cruise

Someone walked out of Merwin Liquors in the 1500 block of Larpenteur Avenue Nov. 30 with two bottles of booze worth $37.96. Problem is, the individual didn’t pay, but police have a description of the thief.


Caught in the act

While checking up on businesses in the 1700 block of Snelling Avenue Dec. 4, police saw a 55-year-old man urinating on the side of a building. He was given a citation for disorderly conduct and sent on his way.


Child welfare

Police found a 2-year-old wandering around an apartment complex in the 1500 block of Larpenteur Avenue Dec. 4. They reunited the toddler with his or her mother and later were told it’s not an uncommon sight to see the young child walking around the halls alone. Police referred the case to investigations.


Light the bike

Police gave a verbal warning to a bicyclist who was riding in the dark with no lights Dec. 1 at Larpenteur Avenue and Holton Street.


Nativity ne’er do well

A man told police Dec. 2 someone stole a statue from his Nativity scene in the 1700 block of Simpson Street, a loss of $30. No word if it was a baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary or donkey figurine. 




Arrest warranted

A 30-year-old woman was arrested in the 1600 block of Eustis Street Dec.1 for an outstanding domestic assault warrant out of Hennepin County — she was booked at the Hennepin County Jail.


Defraud me once ...

A 76-year-old woman wired $900 out of state as part of a scam — the scammer called again for another payout but no further money was sent. She reported the incident to police Dec. 9.



With their license plate in plain enough view for it to be reported to police, someone pumped $17.61 worth of gas Nov. 30 at the BP gas station in the 2400 block of Larpenteur Avenue and drove off without paying.


Grow up

The mother of a 12-year-old boy told police her neighbor was harassing the child Dec. 14. The neighbor, a 67-year-old man, was reportedly yelling at the kid, in violation of a restraining order. The mother caught the incident on phone video and gave it to police, who questioned the man about the incident.


Taggers tag

Someone sprayed graffiti on the print shop in the 3300 block of Como Avenue overnight into Nov. 11.


Little Canada



A burglar snuck into a fenced-in storage area at the trailer park in the 3000 block of Country Drive sometime before Dec. 13 and rifled through some trailers, though it’s unclear if anything was stolen.




Furniture fraud

An alert manager at the HOM Furniture store, 3201 Country Drive, alerted police when he realized a man and a woman from Minneapolis, ages 37 and 31, respectively, used a stolen credit card number to purchase $1,000 worth of furniture. 

When the couple showed up Dec. 9 to pick up their stuff and complete the furniture and credit card fraud, the police were waiting for them. 

Investigators discovered the two had stolen information for multiple accounts from different cities, and charged them with felony financial fraud and felony identity theft.


Pool shark

Someone broke into a garage in the 400 block of Labore Road sometime before Dec. 10 and stole $3,000 worth of fancy billiards equipment. Police told a nearby business that buys and sells sporting goods to be on the lookout for someone trying to sell ill-gotten cues.


Armed robbery

Two men driving a black sports car — possibly a Dodge Charger — robbed the BP gas station in the 300 block of Little Canada Road on Dec. 8. One of the men pointed a small black handgun at two employees and demanded money. The men took off with all the cash in the till. Police are investigating and say the incident was similar to a Dec. 7 gas station robbery up the road in Vadnais Heights.


Smashed truck window

An ongoing dispute between two men may have resulted in a 36-year-old man smashing out the back window on a 55-year-old man’s truck on Dec. 10 while the vehicle was parked in the 2400 block of Rice Street.


You may not have this dance

A married couple — a 23-year-old woman and her 26-year-old husband — were assaulted during a Dec. 10 dance night at a bar in the 2500 block of Rice Street after a 32-year-old from New Hope decided he’d cut in. 

The couple was dancing when the New Hope man tried to dance with the younger man’s wife. The 32-year-old was told to leave and he answered by punching the 26-year-old in the face, following that up by punching the woman in the face as well. 

By the time deputies arrived the New Hope man had left, though people at the bar identified him and he was sent a citation for fifth-degree assault.






Burglaries were reported:

• Dec. 9 in the 700 block of County Road C

• Dec. 9 in the 1600 block of Highway 36

• Dec. 13 in the 2600 block of Oxford Street




Thefts were reported:

• Dec. 9 in the 1300 block of Rose Place

• Dec. 10 at Rosedale Chevrolet

• Dec. 10 at Xfinity Store

• Dec. 10 in the 2400 block of Fairview Avenue

• Dec. 10 at Rosedale Center

• Dec. 11 at Wal-Mart

• Dec. 11 at Har Mar Mall


Motor vehicle thefts were reported:

• Dec. 12 at Otis Elevator Company

• Dec. 12 at Rosedale Center

• Dec. 13 at Brausen Auto

• Dec. 13 in the 2900 block of East Snelling Service Drive


Thefts from auto were reported:

• Dec. 9 at Universal Truck Service

• Dec. 9 at Rosedale Chevrolet

• Dec. 10 in the 2100 block of Dale Street

• Dec. 12 at Holiday Inn Express

• Dec. 12 in the 1700 block of Marion Street

• Dec. 13 at LA Fitness


Shoplifting was reported:

• Dec. 9 at Rosedale Center

• Dec. 9 at Har Mar Mall

• Dec. 10 at Rosedale Commons

• Dec. 11 at Target

• Dec. 13 at Cub Foods on Larpenteur Avenue




Driving while intoxicated was reported:

• Dec. 10 at Lexington Avenue and County Road C

• Dec. 12 Interstate 35W at County Road C

• Dec. 12 in the 2300 block of Cleveland Avenue


Disorderly Conduct


Disorderly conduct was reported:

• Dec. 9 at Rosedale Center

• Dec. 10 at Motel 6

• Dec. 10 at Wal-Mart

• Dec. 11 at Motel 6


Property Damage


Criminal damage to property was reported:

• Dec. 10 in the 200 block of County Road C2

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