Letter: Endorsing Candy Sina for Senate District 42

To the Editor:


There will be two candidates on our ballot for Senate District 42 come November 8th: Jason Isaacson and Candy Sina. I’ve been studying them to determine who to vote for. This election is less than 45 days away, so I feel compelled to share some information with other Bulletin readers.

Jason Isaacson served two terms in the MN House, and I find his voting record to be unacceptable. Through his votes, he helped increase our debt and raise taxes despite a $2.5 billion budget surplus. He also voted against education reform that would keep the best available teachers in our classrooms. In my perspective, he supported imposing more burdensome and unnecessary regulations on our businesses and voted against modifications to MNsure, despite its failures and breakdowns.

Conversely, Candy Sina is anything but your classic aspiring socialist. Instead of rhetorical hyperbole to muster votes, her campaign pledges include the repeal of Common Core, reducing government controls, defending Minnesota family values, ending taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, and repealing taxes on social security income, to mention just a few.

I’m convinced that our citizens deserve stronger moral and ethical character and virtues than that which Jason Isaacson has delivered.  I’m convinced that Candy Sina is the choice we deserve, and that she deserves our support and our votes.


Jim Lambeth

Arden Hills

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