Letter: Water conservation: ‘as I say’ or ‘as I do?’

To the Editor:


A few weeks ago I received a notice from the New Brighton water department saying that our community was using too much water, as the aquifers were being depleted.

We were to be more conservative with our water usage, primarily lawns, and observe the colored signs posted around our city for when and how much to water. 

On Sept. 15 at 6:15 a.m., however, I was driving past our Department of Public Safety building on Old 8 and 8th street, and what did I see? The water sprinkling system was watering the grass along the street. It was obvious that more water was going down the street into the gutter than on the grass.

That grass looks beautiful. I wish all the lawns in New Brighton looked that good. It appears to me that it’s a case of “Do not do as I do, but do as I say.”


Linus Ulfig

New Brighton

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