Letter: On education: endorsing Yarusso, Isaacson in November

To the Editor:


With a contentious race going on for President, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the state legislative races this November. I would like to recommend Barb Yarusso for Minnesota House District 42A and Jason Isaacson for Minnesota Senate District 42.

 As a parent of a college student and a high school student, I appreciate their commitment to education. Barb has been a scientist in the private sector as well as a teacher. Jason is an instructor at Century College. One of our biggest economic challenges in Minnesota is a rapidly retiring workforce. Students coming out of high school and universities need to have skills that match up with our economic needs and the jobs that will be available. Both Barb and Jason are making sure that state education policy helps produce graduates that improve our state’s productivity. It’s not just about churning out more engineers; they know that we need well rounded students who will be good and conscientious citizens.

Barb has also been part of the state’s effort to update our teacher licensure process. We are going to be short of qualified teachers pretty soon as many great teachers retire. That means the state needs to step it up in finding, training, and retaining good teachers. Barb has been right in the thick of it.

I invite you to support Barb Yarusso and Jason Isaacson for re-election on November 8th.


Paul Gardner


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