Letter: A solved case ‘we wish was simply a bad dream’

To the Editor:


There are local issues I’d like to comment on, however, all I can think about is the Wetterling family. We all share in this tragedy. It is a shared Minnesota experience, one we wish was simply a bad dream. 

For those from St. Cloud, St. Joseph, and those who went to college at St. Bens, SJU, or SCSU at the time, this has always been personal. It is personal to many of us from farther away. As a college kid back then this was awful. We all had the ribbons on jackets and our car antenna. 

As the years went by the questions remained. As a parent now I shutter at how the Wetterlings get out of bed in the morning. And the police, lawyers and investigators who have worked this for decades. Solving a case probably never felt so bad, so awful, so hollow. Maybe not, maybe it felt good to find the answer. To get the perpetrator. 

What I see, is public servants; city, county, state and federal law enforcement employees who worked for decades to end this case — to bring home a son. This isn’t about funding public employees, but in a way it is. We hire people to keep us safe and to solve crimes. They owned this case just like any of us because they live there, and they have children too, and their determination to solve this case is amazing, awe inspiring, and their steadfast focus provides me with an example of determined leadership and service to others. Even when others gave up, these investigators, lawyers, sheriffs and police officers did not give up. 

In a world of petty political disagreement this is a time for individual reflection on a job that needed to be done, and those who did their job, and the rest of us left to wonder why them. Why them? I thank them for doing what they needed to do to bring closure to  the Wetterlings.


Brian Strub

New Brighton


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