Letter: Baumen ‘right all along’

To the Editor:


Did you feel the earthquake rumbling through New Brighton on Thursday Aug. 25? That’s the day a Ramsey County judge struck down Ordinance 839 calling for a change to even-year elections, which chopped a year off some seated members of the council, and added one year to Mayor Val Johnson’s term.

Right from the start in November 2015 Gina Bauman told the council the new ordinance was invalid because it was premature and missed a statutory deadline. It turns out that she was right all along.

In the past nine months, Bauman has endured a hurricane of abuse and insults from her fellow members on the council. In April, she was censured by the cowardly council for allegedly talking to the city attorney about “personal business.” The business was about a petition to overturn the invalid ordinance. 

The council should immediately revoke the censure and restore her committee assignments. And if they have any character, offer a sincere apology to Bauman.

Bauman is a valuable part of the city council. She questions large and unnecessary expenditures as well as needless fee increases. She’s good at it. That is likely the real source of resentment by the rest of the council.

I hope the Mayor and others on the council have learned their lesson: show courtesy and respect to all opinions and questions from duly elected members of the council; do not act hastily without thinking; and follow statutory law.


Richard Moses

New Brighton


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