Letter: Connie Bernardy reelection campaign promises

To the Editor:


In her reelection campaign correspondences, District 41A State Rep. Connie Bernardy (DFL) claims she looks forward to visiting with and listening to constituents about how she can advocate for them — that constituents’ voices make a difference.

In Bernardy’s March and April Legislative Update emails, she concludes by welcoming questions and concerns and by encouraging feedback. In both March and April, I responded to Bernardy’s invitation.

Concerning her statement that “Many veterans struggle with access to employment,”  I pointed out that her update was devoid of any reference to the MN economy’s underpinnings, and incentives for free enterprise investments, as though all of the “goodies” she’s advocating are financed via “manna from heaven.”

I also asked her if there is someone within her inner circle who represents the free enterprise system. I asked if she is planning to introduce any legislation that encourages free enterprise and, thus, private sector jobs.

In April, I emailed Bernardy again, this time noting that I had attempted to keep in touch with her on issues that were important to me, just as she invited people to do. She has, however, not responded. 

The New Brighton DFL “machine” is a formidable barrier to taxpayers who desire conservative, socioeconomic representation in the Minnesota House.  

Evidently, and sadly, Bernardy is listening-impaired politically and/or believes that the DFL Party’s monopolistic hold on New Brighton doesn’t necessitate actual accountability to constituents who advocate other than her secular-progressive ideology.


Gene Delaune

New Brighton


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