Ways to care for people

Crist Langelett
The Chaplain’s Corner

We often think of what we can do for others that is really worthwhile. The older we are, the older our friends usually are also. This means that we have experienced more in years gone by. 

My good friend Bob and I get together for fellowship and coffee on a regular basis. We have much in common. I am 85 years of age; Bob is about 88. We both lived on a farm as children and neither of us had electricity or telephone.

Bob became an elementary school teach and administrator. I was a secondary science teacher and coach. We both have great memories of our students. We both really enjoy getting together with our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

We have a common bond as Christian brothers. We have a practice of having a time of prayer and scripture reading together. Bob always thanks me for the fellowship time we have together. Sometimes we remind each other that some day we might not be able to get together due to disability or promotion to heaven. A little laugh or comment may be that there will be no more good-byes then.

If we make a mental note or written list of all the ways we can get together for fellowship and encouragement, it can bless us.  Whether it is for a coffee break or work time, it can be a blessing. Yes, we want to please God first and live for Him. Tomorrow is another day. Let’s start it and the days to follow with the goal of loving and caring for family, friends and others that we come in contact with each day. Then of course Bible study and prayer will teach us and help us along the day. God is waiting for each of us. He loves us.

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