Oakdale Police Department resignations coincidence

Residents are expressing concerns and asking questions following the recent resignations of three long-time members of the Oakdale Police Department. 

After the high-profile police shooting of a 32-year-old African-American man during a routine traffic stop in Falcon Heights on July 6, residents around the Twin Cities seem eager to learn more about their hometown police departments. 

Oakdale residents have raised questions about whether the resignations were a symptom of strife within their police department, or if the officers had simply decided to pursue other, less stressful careers.

At the June 28 Oakdale City Council meeting, Sgt. Brian Stroshane’s resignation was accepted. At the next council meeting on July 13, the council members accepted the resignation of Investigator Cassie Anderson and Community Service Officer Chaki Vang.

“These things tend to run in cycles,” explained Police Chief Bill Sullivan, who indicated that the timing of these resignations was just a coincidence. 

Stroshane retired to go into the private sector. His resignation was effective June 11.

“Stroshane had different [career] interests after 17 years [on the police force],” Sullivan said.

Anderson, who was a member of the police department for 10 years, recently gave birth to her first child. She chose not to return after her maternity leave ended, and her resignation was effective July 5.

“She wants to be a stay-at-home mom because her husband is also a cop in the metro area, and the work schedule conflict would be incredible,” Sullivan said.

According to Sullivan, Vang retired from her community service officer position to join a family business in Wisconsin. She had served 10 years with the Oakdale Police Department, and her resignation was effective June 2.

“We may go several years with no turnover at all and then suddenly have several retirements or resignations in a short period of time. 

“This is actually perfectly normal and, in fact, will become more prevalent in the future because I think our younger employees are far less inclined to simply ‘gut it out’ for a 30-year pension,” Sullivan said.


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