Scott D. Johnson files for Dakota County District 3 Commissioner 

Scott D. Johnson of Eagan MN has announced his campaign for Election 2016 Dakota County Commissioner District 3.
Johnson is a third generation Minnesotan, growing up in northern Minnesota.  He is a two decade home and business owner residing in Eagan.  He has been a licensed insurance agent and financial planner since 1988.  He holds degrees in Management, Human Resource Management and Aviation as a professional pilot and flight instructor.  He regularly instructs other insurance agents on regulations, ethics, insurance products, and the Affordable Care Act.
Johnson is a Federal Aviation Administration national award winning flight instructor teaching risk management, flight planning, and aviation safety to other pilots and flight instructors.   He is a community service volunteer with the rank of major in the United States Air Force Auxiliary; Civil Air Patrol, and mentors teens on leadership, emergency services, and aviation.
In 2012 and 2014 Johnson was appointed as an advisor to the City Council as part of the Eagan’s Airport Relations Commission on community aviation issues of noise, environment, and business.
As a flight instructor Johnson teaches that when the pilot gets on an airplane he has planned the flight from start to finish.  The first rule of aviation safety is to never take off into the sky unless you have enough fuel to make your destination and that you know how to land the airplane so it can be reused by the next pilot.  Johnson feels that our current board is currently lacking the fuel, knowledge, and judgment to safely pilot the county to the next destination based upon the wasteful spending projects currently in the works.
Scott considers running for public office a civic duty and honor.  He feels that our current elected leaders have lost sight of their first obligation to protect the taxpayers’ trust and treasure, nor not to spend our children’s money without reason.  Our current board does not listen to citizens when it comes to stopping wasteful spending, eminent domain land grabs, and focusing on needs instead of wants.
A cardinal rule of financial planning is to take care of what you already have before you spend more money (especially other people’s money).  We, the Dakota County community, need to determine what needs to be built first, prioritize needs before those fun things we are told that we need to have built in the name of progress.  We need to know how we are going to pay for the needs and wants of today, tomorrow, and in the future.
Plan, Prioritize, Protect
For more information, or to contribute, please visit   
Contact Scott D. Johnson at, call 651-340-5150 or fax 651-331-2282   Committee to Elect Scott D. Johnson 4745 Narvik Drive, Eagan, 55122.

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