A hoppy time in the classroom

Students had the option to hold a chick or just pet it, after being reassured they donít bit. (Hannah Burlingame photos/Review)

Principal Laurie Jennrich brought her bunny, Mr. Hopps, to school. The kids in Mrs. Kindlerís class were all eager to pet the bunny. (Hannah Burlingame photos/Review)

Joshua was just one student in the classroom who was eager to hold a chick. (Hannah Burlingame photos/Review)

Students get a visit from the Easter bunny and chicks

Students at St. Pascal Baylon Catholic School were in for a special Easter treat on Wednesday, March 23. Principal Laurie Jennrich brought in baby chicks from her farm to share with students as they learn about Easter and new life.

“It’s just exciting for the kids. So many kids don’t have exposure to the little baby animals, especially living in the city, so it’s a big deal,” Jennrich says.

Along with the chicks, Jennrich brought in a bunny. Teachers, like Ann Kindler, will incorporate the baby animals into science lessons.

Last year, Jennrich did a Farm Babies series where she brought in different baby animals like bunnies and kittens, and shared them with each classroom.

The kids in Mrs. Kindler’s class were all excited to see the animals. Nathan says he liked how the bunny hopped a lot and that they got to hold them.

“They’re very cute,” Joanna says giggling. 

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