Mounds View Schools announces new winter weather policies

Mounds View Public Schools District 621 announced new winter weather policies two weeks after the year’s early first snow storm, poised to address the cold and snow with new options and clearer guidelines.

In a letter sent to parents Nov. 24 outlining the policies, Superintendent Dan Hoverman noted “last year’s record-setting winter,” during which Mounds View Schools were closed a well-above-average six times due to cold and snow.

Beginning this year, the district will be able to enact 2-hour late starts in order to mitigate inclement weather. Previously, mid-day transportation needs of half-day Kindergarten students made the later starts too difficult to coordinate, but with the implementation of all-day Kindergarten this school year, transportation schedules are more flexible.

The 2-hour late starts would push back the front end of the school day: buses would pick up two hours later and school would start two hours later.

The class schedule would be compressed to make up for the shortened hours, but would normalize at the end of the day. School would end at its regular time and buses would drop-off at their normal times.

The district also announced it will use one forecasting source district-wide, relying on the National Weather Service. Parents can look at the same forecast information at

Schools could be closed if, during busing times, there are sustained wind chills of 40 to 45 degrees below zero, buses won’t reliably run, or if roads are not safe or impassable.

If schools are going to start late or classes are to be canceled, parents will be notified around 5:30 a.m. via text message, voicemail, social media and school websites and the snow day hotline, 651-621-SNOW (7669).

The district cannot guarantee television networks will report closures or schedule changes about which they’re informed.

Friday, June 5, 2015 has been scheduled as a make-up day, though the letter said it would likely be unnecessary because 2-hour late start days should mitigate the number of closures and the school calendar allows for two cancellations without a make-up.

—Mike Munzenrider


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