Give yourself a gift—or two—before holiday hosting time

The warm cream and rich mocha tones of this backsplash could be at home in a teens, twenties or mid-century modern home. Go for a darker countertop and minimalist shelving for an uncluttered, yet cozy kitchen. (submitted photo)

Tired of worn paint or peeling wallpaper behind sinks and above stoves? Give yourself a new, carefree vista with wall tiles. These add gentle hues of sky-blue, pearl and green that reflect color accents without overwhelming the space. Add a new seamless countertop and a lick of paint on the cabinets and guests will ask “When did you redo this whole kitchen?” (submitted photo)

Ever envy those beautiful homes that seem to get redecorated with every new season? Thinking that the family and friend get-togethers at your home this year deserve an updated setting?

The latest and greatest looks are easy to incorporate if you keep your furnishings neutral and the decor uncluttered. From there, it’s just a matter of bringing in a few simple touches that create a big impact.

Start with one or two easy projects and you will quickly transform your house into a place you’re proud to call home.

Transform with paint

Every interior designer will tell you the quickest way to transform a home is with a fresh coat of paint.

Warm things up

The look of hardwood brings warmth to every room in the house. Even kitchen and bathroom spaces can benefit from the addition of wood-look tiles which are easy to clean, water resistant, and durable, but with the beauty and ambiance of traditional hardwood.

Throw rugs are a great way to accent a wood-look floor and are easy to swap out with a change of season or style. 

Keep it clean

Kitchens are prime gathering places, whether you intend them to be or not. Guests will simply follow you in, in order to “lend a hand” to meal prep or cleanup or just continue their conversation.

It’d be nice not to have to worry about worn paint, counters that stain and backsplashes that stay splashed.

Not only can you keep mess to a minimum with new backsplash treatments, seamless counters and even a new coat of paint on the cupboards, just keeping them uncluttered will transform their look and feel. Leave just one or two appliances on the countertops, add fresh flowers and hang a pair of colorful kitchen towels to brighten the space. 

In any room, you can add a pop of color and texture with new tile, such as glass tile. The tiles, which can be seen at, come in various shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, so you can easily show off your own creative style anywhere.

Little things mean a lot

Keeping couches and chairs to neutral shades is actually the simplest way to embrace new decorating trends. Give a monochromatic room an instant makeover with colorful, patterned pillows, throws and artwork. It’s an inexpensive way to change things up with the season or whenever the mood strikes.

Early welcome

Even if you only have room for a small pot of flowers, make your front porch welcoming. Consider updated paint, a bench for seating (or taking off snowy boots) and improved outdoor lighting.   

Whether you update one room or transform your entire house, these simple changes will turn your home into a sanctuary that truly reflects your own personal style.

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