Strike averted for St. Paul teachers

Tentative contract set

After nine months of negotiations, a tentative contract agreement between St. Paul Public Schools administration and the St. Paul Federation of Teachers was reached on Monday, Feb. 24.

The St. Paul Federation of Teachers, the union representing public school teachers in the district, called the resulting document “a landmark contract that moves the St. Paul Public Schools closer to providing the schools our children deserve.”

Highlights of the agreement include provisions for smaller classes; adding staffing such as media specialists, school social workers and nurses; expanding early learning programs; reducing student time spent on standardized tests; and increased wages for teachers.

The contract will include a 2.25 percent retroactive raise for union teachers dating back to July 1, 2013.

A further 2 percent raise will be effective on July 1, 2014. Experienced teachers will receive an additional 1 percent increase on top of that for each of the two years of the contract.

The provision for limiting class sizes would mean the district would calculate class size limits within each school at each grade level. Lower class size limits would be set for the 30 schools with the highest levels of poverty.

-- Patrick Larkin


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