Copper investigates reported metal theft

Police reports published Feb. 12, 2014 in the Oakdale - Lake Elmo Review


Crazy about pizza: An officer was dispatched to a residence on the 2800 block of Granada Avenue North the evening of Jan. 19 to help a caller gain control of an intoxicated male. The caller said the man had been drinking and was upset that they had taken a pizza out of the oven. He then knocked over the TV in the living room and left. The resident said the man lives there, but is considering evicting him.

Neighborhood ding-dongs: On Jan. 21, an officer was sent to the 7000 block of 15th Street North to investigate an ongoing malicious mischief issue involving a person or persons ringing the doorbell and fleeing. The resident said she saw a boy wearing an orange jacket running west. The officer was able to locate two young males in a doorway nearby who admitted to ringing the doorbell. The boys said they would not return to the area, and the officer contacted their parents.

Antisocial media: Oakdale police were sent to the 6900 block of 10th Street North around midnight Jan. 25 after a woman called to report she had been arguing with her roommate via text message. The woman’s roommate reportedly said she would have punched her if the argument had been in person. The complaintant told officers she was not scared of her roommate, but was worried she might break all of her belongings at their home. The information was documented.

Suspicious Activity

Target practice: While walking in an Oakdale park the morning of Jan. 23, a resident noticed an arrow was stuck in a tree behind a house on the 6400 block of Kings Drive. He called police, who then spoke with the resident of the home near the tree with the arrow. The resident declined to talk to officers on tape but confirmed that he had shot the arrow three years ago. He said he would remove the arrow and did not want the officer to go on his property. The resident also said he was unaware it was illegal to use a bow and arrow on private property. He was verbally informed of the city ordinance regarding the issue.

Welfare Check

Getting the cold shoulder: An officer was sent to the 4300 block of Geneva Avenue around 9 p.m. Jan. 24 after someone called to report a possibly intoxicated man staggering into traffic. The temperature was below zero when police located the man lying on the shoulder of the roadway. He was uninjured and given a ride home.


Thieves clean out residence: Sometime between 4 p.m. Jan. 21 and 2 p.m. Jan. 25, a box of miscellaneous figurines valued at $500 was taken from a residence on the 8100 block of 4th Street North, a caller said. The woman said her parents had recently passed away and many people have access to the residence as it is being cleaned out. There are no suspects.

A bunch of scrap: A resident of the 1700 block of Hale Avenue came to the police department Jan. 27 to report that a box of scrap copper had been stolen from his back yard. He said he had collected about 80 pounds of the metal, and it’s the second time in about a year someone has stolen the scrap copper. There are no suspects.



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