Burglars ignore Vikings tickets in New Brighton

Bulletin Area police reports week of Nov. 6, 2013 for Arden Hills, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, St. Anthony, Shoreview and Vadnais Heights

Arden Hills Mounds View New Brighton North Oaks St. Anthony Shoreview Vadnais Heights

Arden Hills

Terroristic threat
•  A 24-year-old female employee of a medical device maker was sitting in her vehicle the afternoon of Oct. 16 in a company parking lot on Innovation Way along with a 20-year-old male employee when her husband suddenly appeared, brandishing a handgun. Words were exchanged and the husband left the scene. The male employee later identified the husband, age unknown, in a photo lineup. The suspect was picked up by Minneapolis Police Oct. 21 and booked at the jail on a felony terroristic threat charge.

•  A “very large, Coke bottle shaped container filled with coins” disappeared sometime during the six-week fall period while a resident was having his master bedroom remodeled in the 1200 block of Wyncrest Lane. The container held “$4,000 worth of change,” the resident estimates. “It would have taken two people to lift it,” he says. Contractors were interviewed. No suspects.

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Mounds View

Illegal dumping
•  A janitor in back of the hotel in the 2200 block of County Hwy. 10 Oct. 13 saw a man strapping a 32-gallon garbage can to the back of his vehicle. The janitor accused the man of dumping his trash into the hotel’s dumpster and told him to take it out but the man refused. The suspect then drove away, striking the janitor in the leg. The janitor called police but was later unable to finger the suspect in a photo lineup. An investigation continues.

• An interfamilial struggle broke out the night of Oct. 14 after a 23-year-old man punched his dad, and acted out his issues on an “expensive” teak table, following an argument over the declining balance in the family checkbook. The 23-year-old suspect was booked at the jail on gross-misdemeanor charges of domestic assault and criminal damage to property. “They fight all the time,” says a relative who witnessed the unpleasantness.
•  Expired registration led to jail time for the driver of a vehicle stopped Oct. 18 in the wee hours at County Road I and Erickson Road. Admittingly, it was not the Circle Pines man’s only offense. He was also driving after license cancellation inimical to public safety and had no insurance. The 48-year-old was booked at the Ramsey County Jail.
•  An Albertville man working construction in the Greenfield Avenue area on Oct. 17 reported the theft of his trailer filled with tools. He put the word out, knowing that this type of theft often results in tools for sale. Sure enough, tools were offered, a friend called and a sting was set up, resulting in the arrest of two men, ages 22 and 49, for felony possession of stolen property. The suspects were booked at the jail.
•  An undercover employee watching for shoplifters at a drugstore in the 2800 block of County Hwy. 10 Oct. 18 spotted a woman loading up on more products than a family would need in the Oral Care aisle. Police were notified and a 50-year-old local woman was arrested outside for possession of 12 stolen packages of teeth whitener and a bottle of Lysol.

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New Brighton

•  Burglars ransacked a residence in the 2900 block of 14th Street N.W. overnight Oct. 25 while the homeowner was at work. The intruders went through every “door, drawer, closet and container in the house,” the resident told police, making off with a small television, bread, butter and meat from the fridge and the victim’s Oxycodone, makeup, jewelry and a green winter coat. A pair of Vikings season tickets, in plain view on the kitchen table, were ignored.

Teens on the run
•  The clerk was outside the liquor store on Silver Lake Road smoking a cigarette when two black males, approximately 15-18 years old, one wearing an orange hoodie and a stocking cap, and the second wearing a dark hoodie and with a Nike swoosh, got out of a silver SUV or station wagon and ran inside. Before the clerk could follow, the pair came running out, each carrying two green boxed bottles of Patron, a high-end tequila. They ran behind a nearby grocery store, followed by the third member of the trio who was driving the silver SUV or station wagon, and were gone when police arrived. The Patron was valued at a total of $160.

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North Oaks

Inept prowler
•  The son of a homeowner on Red Barn Road noticed his SUV ’s dome light on in the driveway around midnight Oct. 19. When he went to turn it off he found a woman sitting in the passenger seat. She said she was interested in a similar model so thought she would check his out. The resident saw her vehicle parked in the street, took the keys and called 911. The 38-year-old Shoreview prowler was booked at the Ramsey County Jail on a misdemeanor tampering charge.

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St. Anthony

•  You’d think the passenger would be wearing at least one seat belt, but the 45-year-old man was not. The 30-year-old male driver was cited Oct. 15 for gross-misdemeanor driving after license cancellation, failure to yield right of way, failure to signal a lane change, running a stop sign, possession of drug paraphernalia and an equipment violation at St. Anthony and Stinson boulevards.  

•  Three retail outlets in the shopping center in the 2900 block of Pentagon Drive were burgled overnight Oct. 19. An antique store, a restaurant and a nutrition products store were hit. The damage and loss value are undetermined.

Criminal damage to property
• Different date. Different location. But the MO was exactly the same. Like the incident Oct. 12, someone entered a laundry room, cut the water lines and hoses to a washing machine and removed the coin box. The loss was estimated at $30 and the damage was estimated at $200. The criminal damage to property occurred Oct. 15 at an apartment building in the 3800 block of Foss Road. No suspects.

Predatory offender
•  A 27-year-old man was booked at the Hennepin County Jail Oct. 20 for shoplifting merchandise valued at $109 from the big-box store. More significantly, Sauk Rapids Police were advised of the man’s possible predatory offender registration violation.

•   “Two suspects came into the store acting suspicious,” said employees, as suspects are wont to do. And sure enough, the employees were right. The suspects fled the store in the 2700 block of 39th Avenue N.E. Oct. 14 with two cell phones worth a total of $1,400.

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•  A man returning to his apartment Oct. 17 found his brother passed out. The sober brother woke the 34-year-old intoxicated sibling who got up swinging and grabbed his younger brother by the throat. The 23-year-old victim called 911 and the suspect passed out once again. This time deputies woke the man and took him to jail on a felony “domestic assault by strangulation“ charge.
•  A disruptive 17-year-old boy was arrested the morning of Oct. 23 at Oak Grove High School for swearing at a classmate, damaging school property and resisting arrest. The Roseville youth was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process, and transported to the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center.

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Vadnais Heights

•  Three scrappers got away with steel forms from a dumpster behind a prototype mold and manufacturing firm in the 1000 block of Kristen Court on Sept. 25. The metal was valued at $2,500 according to an employee. The suspect’s vehicle was facing away from the surveillance camera. No suspects.

Scrappers delight
•   Was it only a matter of time? Brass or copper tops, the man with the homeowner’s Association wasn’t sure which, went missing Oct. 28 from pillars marking the entrance to Vadnais Boulevard at Vadnais Lake Drive. Value of the metal objects is unknown.

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