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South-West Review police reports Nov, 3, 2013

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West St. Paul

— If you make it as far as the parking lot with stolen goods, you might as well keep going: loss prevention staff at Wal-Mart apprehended one shoplifter Oct. 28 but his partner managed to slip out to the parking lot with a car power inverter. An employee told police the suspect looked ready to climb into a vehicle, but thought better of it and took off on foot. Store staff later found the inverter lying under the vehicle; the partner who was caught was cited for theft.

Animal call
— And you thought you had a hard time finding pet sitters: a resident at an apartment complex on the 1800 block of Oakdale Ave. called police Oct. 28 to say she’d been caring her neighbor’s dog since the neighbor was arrested the week before, and now she’d learned he wouldn’t be released until mid-November. An officer advised the woman if she would not be able to keep the dog until then she should contact a relative of her neighbor or an animal shelter to care for the dog. The woman called back a half-hour later and said she’d talked to an animal shelter, and they advised her to talk with police before bringing the dog over. Again she was advised to make arrangements with a relative or shelter. The woman called a third time that evening and said she “couldn’t remember” if an officer had told her the police would be coming to pick up the dog; none had, but by now no one doubted the urgent need to re-home the dog.

Traffic stop
— It’s always great when residents make use of the park system, but this is probably not what city planners had in mind: an officer who pulled over a driver on the 1600 block of Robert St. the night of Oct. 28 confronted the driver about a faint marijuana odor in her vehicle. The driver admitted to smoking earlier at Marthaler Park and surrendered her pipe. A search of the vehicle did not turn up additional contraband and the woman was released with a warning.

— Sometimes the tough questions can be scary: a customer at a convenience store on the 1800 block of Oakdale Ave. called police Oct. 22 to report a man had walked up and asked him what he would do with his life if he knew he were going to die that day. According to the caller, the thuggish philosopher then sauntered off.

Harassing communications
— Know that you can trust your police to protect you from anyone: a resident on the 100 block of Annapolis St. called police to complain he’d been getting repeated phone calls from an elderly woman at White Pines Senior Living. The man said he’d already talked with staff at the facility and they’d promised to put an end to calls, but so far they hadn’t stopped. An officer promised to follow up on the issue.

Drug activity
— A lesser manager might have cashed in on some easy business instead of calling this one in: police were called to pizza shop on the 1100 block of Robert St. the morning of Oct. 22 on a report of people smoking weed in a vehicle in the parking lot and then congregating outside the entryway. The suspects were gone by the time police arrived.

Inver Grove Heights

— There’s not much you can do to talk your way out of an arrest, but you can make things less painful by staying polite and cooperative. Or you could do this: a man pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving Oct 18 on the 6000 block of Concord Blvd. followed officers’ instructions through a field sobriety test, but became testy when asked for a breath sample. He eventually consented, and after blowing a .24 was placed under arrest. When the handcuffs went on the man went off, sobbing, flopping on the ground and refusing all orders to stand up or get into the squad car. Eventually a pair of officers hoisted the man and carried him to the car. When they began searching the man’s vehicle, he suddenly rediscovered the use of his legs and started kicking the windows and partition in the squad car. The officers removed the man and placed him on the ground again, this time adding leg restraints before returning to their task. Eventually the officers found two pipes and a small quantity of marijuana in the suspect’s vehicle. During this time, the man somehow managed to free one of his legs and lunged at the officers, and was again escorted to the ground. At the Dakota County Jail, the man was greeted by eight sheriff’s deputies, who added a spit hood to his list of restraints. All in all, the man was cited for driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and a bonus gross misdemeanor for obstructing the legal process.

Reckless driving
— A motorist driving near 70th Street and Concord Boulevard called police Oct. 18 to complain that a vehicle had pulled out in front of him so suddenly that he only avoided a crash with luck and extreme braking. An officer caught up with the vehicle described by the man and pulled over the driver. The officer reported the woman became so flustered while searching for her license she simply handed over her entire wallet. The officer informed her he was not going to dig through her wallet and handed it back. This back-and-forth repeated before she finally found her license on the third try. As the officer was writing a citation, the woman reportedly started to leave several times. With perseverance and a wary eye, the officer managed to finish and hand off a citation for misdemeanor reckless driving.

Drug activity
— How’s this for irony? An officer who pulled a driver over for an air freshener hanging from the mirror at 80th Street and Barbara Avenue Oct. 13 quickly deduced the offending air freshener was placed there to cover up another smell. The officer and the driver debated briefly about who was able to smell what, but the dispute was largely settled when the officer searched the vehicle and recovered a small quantity of weed and a passel of flavored cigars.

South St. Paul

Indecent exposure
— A woman called police the morning of Oct. 29 to complain that as she was walking along the 300 block of Southview Ave., a clean-cut man in his 40s pulled up in a white sedan, got out, exposed himself, and then drove off. Police are attempting to use the vehicle description and BCA data to identify suspects.

Warrant arrest
— You can run, but you can’t stay out of jail: officers confronted a pedestrian whom they knew to have outstanding warrants from Dakota and Goodhue counties on the 300 block of First Ave. Oct. 25; when they broached the sensitive subject of his warrants, however, the man made an obscene gesture and took off running. Shortly thereafter, officers received a tip that the man had been let into a home on the 100 block of Second Ave. He was founded hiding in a bathroom and arrested for the warrants along with an additional count of fleeing police.

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