Contractor goes AWOL; kitten reported missing


Shady behavior: Police were called to Mills Fleet Farm April 25 after a man was caught shoplifting. An employee said he observed the 25-year-old man conceal two pairs of i-gogs sunglasses, together valued at $38, and then leave the store without paying for them. The customer was apprehended and admitted to the theft during a police interview and was issued a citation for theft.

No-show: A human resources employee for Physicians ExamOne reported in April that she’d hired a Minneapolis contractor to do some work for the company the month before and loaned him supplies worth $2,476 to complete the job. The employee said the contractor never even did a day’s worth of work on the project and has not returned the supplies. The employee also said she’d made numerous attempts to contact the man and even went to his house in an attempt to get the supplies back. A police investigation is pending. 

Animal complaint

Missing Kitten: On April 25, a woman on the 4100 block of Gershwin Avenue reported her kitten had gone missing three weeks prior, and that she’d originally thought it had escaped from her apartment and wandered away outdoors. However, the woman said she recently heard from other tenants in the building that a 20-year-old woman had taken the 12-week-old calico female kitten and brought it to the Humane Society. The cat owner reported she and the other woman don’t get along, and that she now believed the woman stole the kitten. Police talked with the suspected catnapper, who said she’d found the kitten two weeks prior on the second floor of the apartment building and did not know who owned it. The woman said she brought the cat to her sister’s house, because she did not want to pay a fee to the Humane Society to surrender the animal. Police spoke with the woman’s sister, who said she’d taken the kitten to a farm in another city but would try to get it back.


Windows smashed: A man on the 6100 block of 40th Street reported that sometime during the overnight hours of April 23, someone hit the front windshield of his 2001 Mitsubishi Montero and his 2002 Mitsubishi Montero, causing cracks in both windshields. The victim said the next night, someone smashed the rear windshield of one of the vehicles. The total estimated damage was $900. There are no suspects.

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