The last straw in Mounds View

The last straw in Mounds View

Following a crash March 21 on Eastwood Road, the 24-year-old driver went home, knocked back a few, pulled out his 9 mm. handgun, went down the basement and shot his workbench. That was the last straw for dad, who called the police. The 24-year-old suspect, who did have a permit to carry, was cited for careless driving, leaving the scene of a crash, carrying a firearm under the influence of alcohol and reckless discharge of a firearm within the city limits.

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Arden Hills

Deja Vu
• In the wee hours of April 29, 2012, a deputy saw a car stopped in a traffic lane on Centerville Road in Vadnais Heights with a man asleep behind the wheel. The 33-year-old was awakened and administered field sobriety tests, having difficulty with the number 13 during the “One-legged stand” attempt. He was eventually found to have a BAC of .08 percent and was booked at the jail for third-degree DUI, based on a previous conviction.

All over again
• In the wee hours of March 16, 2013, nearly one year later, a car was found with the man, now 34, asleep at the wheel on a ramp to Hwy. 96 in Arden Hills. The man was awakened and administered field sobriety tests, having difficulty with the number 13 during the “One-legged stand” attempt. He was eventually found to have a BAC of .09 percent and was booked at the jail on a second-degree DUI charge based on previous convictions. He was also charged with possession with intent to sell after a duffel bag containing a large amount of green leafy substance, later proving to be marijuana, was found during a search of his vehicle prior to impounding for forfeiture. 
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Mounds View

• Cranky seniors mixed it up at a County Hwy. 10 apartment building at mid-day March 20. A 65-year-old female was transported to a local hospital with undetermined injuries. Felony charges against a 66-year-old male included third degree assault and assault by strangulation. He was booked at the Ramsey County Jail.
• Police interrupted two people delivering blows outside their vehicle in the early morning hours of March 23. The driver, a 30-year-old woman from Fridley, was booked at the jail for driving after license revocation, probable cause second degree DWI and possession of marijuana. The passenger, a 28-year-old man with no permanent address, was booked at the jail for fifth-degree domestic assault. The vehicle, which belonged to another woman from Fridley, is currently being held for forfeiture pending further investigation.

Sibling rivalry
• A 48-year-old man was arrested and booked after pummeling his 46-year-old brother March 22. Big brother was cited and booked at the jail for domestic assault, gross-misdemeanor interference with a 911 call and disorderly conduct.

Fast food fighting
• Officers responded to a report of a catfight outside a fast-food restaurant shortly after midnight March 23 in the 2200 block of County Hwy. 10, where they found a 15-year-old kicking a 17-year old, who had been knocked into a snow bank. The younger girl was arrested on domestic assault and disorderly conduct charges and transported to the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center.

• A $300, HTC One Smartphone went missing March 24 in the 3000 block of Bronson Drive. It’s unknown whether the phone is smart enough to tell its owner where it is.

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New Brighton

• When an officer saw a vehicle going “about 60-MPH in a 35 mph zone,” the chase was on March 31. The 29-year-old Fridley man was pulled over at 37th Avenue N. E, and Silver Lake Road, and, after failing field sobriety tests and testing .20 percent BAC, was given a notice of license revocation and a vehicle forfeiture order to sign along with a pen. When the inebriated man put the pen in his mouth, the officer asked him what he was doing. “I thought you wanted another breath sample,” he replied.   

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North Oaks


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St. Anthony

• An officer is recovering from writer’s cramp after citing a 25-year-old man he pulled over at Coolidge Street and Kenzie Terrace March 19 for driving after license revocation, displaying revoked license plates, no insurance, expired vehicle registration and failure to update the address on his driver’s license.
• After stopping a man for a traffic violation March 20 at 36th Avenue N.E. and Stinson Boulevard, an officer quickly learned a whole lot more. The 29-year-old was not only driving after license revocation, operating an uninsured vehicle, and transporting a loose youngster on board, his passenger had a no-contact order filed against him. He was booked at the Hennepin County Jail for violation of the domestic abuse no-contact order.
• A man who may not be playing with a full deck reported a child lost at the big-box store in the 3800 block of Silver Lake Road on March 20. After an initial search the report was found to be a hoax. The 18-year-old suspect was located and arrested on a disorderly conduct charge.

Pot for lunch
• An SAVHS student caught with pot at school March 18 swallowed the wacky weed, which would be similar to swallowing shredded wheat without the milk. SAVHS officials passed on the criminal charges, desiring to handle the matter at the school level.

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Criminal damage to property
• A tenant in the 4100 block of Lexington Avenue asked the boyfriend to move out in mid-March and he did, but kept a key. On the 26th, the 28-year-old woman came home and found her couch, chair and ottoman slashed and her 32-inch television missing. Deputies are looking for the 35-year-old “person of interest.”

• At least one thief pried open the dead bolted front door and tossed an apartment in the 4100 block of Lexington Avenue March 20, making off with a whole pillowcase full of items including a pair of diamond necklaces, two pair of diamond earrings, a Canon digital camera and several lenses, two H-P laptop computers, a large variety of PlayStation games and a Coach purse. The loss totaled $9,130. No suspects.

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Vadnais Heights

“The vicious cycle of domestic violence”
• The woman drove from Burnsville March 28 to the boyfriend’s place to “talk about the relationship.” Once there, the 25-year-old boyfriend, now the ex-boyfriend, or maybe not, attempted to take back the phone he had given her, picked the 22-year-old up by the neck and choked her, according to the victim. “He’s assaulted me in the past,” she added. She called 911 and deputies found her in tears, with bruised and bloodied fingers. The suspect was jailed on a felony domestic assault charge.
• Deputies responded to an April 2 report of unpleasantness at a County Road D apartment building and arrived to screams, the sounds of fighting and objects crashing to the ground. When they saw a woman running, pursued by a man, they joined in the chase, finally arresting the man at Taserpoint. The couple, both 20, had been together for a year, the woman said, adding that six months into the relationship, she had asked the court for a no-contact order against the man, yet here they were. “He woke up and began punching things,” she said. The man was jailed on a felony domestic assault charge, based on previous convictions. “It’s the vicious cycle of domestic violence,” a deputy said.

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