Letter: Prevent more destruction

To the editor:
Minnesotans are still reeling from the Great Recession’s effects, including record-high foreclosures. Since 2008, more than 141,000 homes went through foreclosure, with 19,002 of those in Ramsey County. 

This represents not only a tragic loss of wealth to these families and their children but it has a significant emotional and spiritual toll as well. People’s dreams turn into nightmares as their pride turns to shame. Children’s education suffers when they have to change schools and they pay a high price in terms of their physical and mental health as well. 

It would seem that because the worst is over, this crisis is old news. Yet foreclosure levels are still three times higher than they were before the subprime mortgage bubble collapsed.

What the big banks have done to all of us is deplorable and it offends me deeply as a person of faith. At the same time, as a person of faith, I have hope because I know our Minnesota Legislature has a bill called the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights which is a set of common-sense measures designed to prevent unnecessary foreclosures. Passage of this bill would go a long way toward ending this crisis. 

Please call to thank Senator Hawj for already signing on as a co-author of this bill. The East Side has not been hit by a literal tornado, this foreclosure crisis is a silent, selective one -- but it is also one that must be prevented from destroying any more people’s homes.

Rev. Jonathan Zielske
St. Paul

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