Home invasion in Vadnais Heights

Home invasion in Vadnais Heights

A Berwood Avenue homeowner awoke March 6 to the 3 a.m. sounds of someone rummaging through his drawers and cabinets. He got up to investigate and came face to face with two men, one armed with a semi-automatic handgun. He was punched in the face and tied up before watching the bad guys leave with his television and laptop computer. The victim managed to get loose, called 911 and an investigation is underway.

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Arden Hills

Wrong place, wrong time
• “It’s so easy when they come to you,” said a deputy regarding the arrest of a woman who was driving through private property behind the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Patrol Station in Arden Hills just after midnight March 6. The deputy, who was gassing up his squad car, asked the motorist if he could help her. “Am’s tryeen to fine my hoshtel,” the Mandeville, La. resident said with a slur which led to failed field sobriety tests. The 25-year-old, who had a BAC of .16 percent, twice the legal limit, was booked at the Ramsey County Jail on a DWI charge.

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Mounds View

• The boyfriend told police answering a domestic assault call the night of Feb. 21 that they should arrest his 29-year-old girlfriend for filing a false police report. After hearing the circumstances, officers charged the 23-year-old boyfriend with domestic assault for punching the 29-year-old girlfriend in the face, and enhanced the charge to a felony based on his previous domestic assault convictions. He was booked at the Ramsey County Jail.
• A driver suspected of shoplifting at a pharmacy in the 2800 block of County Hwy. 10 was pulled over the morning of Feb. 26. Compounding his problem was his canceled driver’s license. The 49-year-old man, who was accused in the theft of $83 worth of personal hygiene and cleaning products, was jailed. The owner of the vehicle, a 55-year-old woman who was on board, was cited for no insurance. The property was recovered.

It was no fluke...
• Yes it was, and it may have been a case of “steal it now and figure out what it is later.” A Fluke “continuity tester” valued at $100, as well as a DeWalt Sawzall worth $150, went missing overnight March 4 from a vehicle parked in the 2200 block of Bronson Drive.

• Prowlers, possibly planning to start their own maintenance business, broke into a caretaker’s storage locker at an apartment building in the 5400 block of Jackson Drive overnight Feb. 25, making off with two vacuum cleaners and a variety of cleaning supplies.
• A prowler with a clogged drain or maybe someone just looking for a business opportunity took a mainline Roto-Rooter machine valued at $2,500 from a vehicle parked in the 5400 block of Landmark Circle sometime during the first three days of March. Meanwhile, an Internet report tells the tale of a woman who hired someone to unclog her shower drain. The worker asked her to undress and take a shower in front of him so he could better understand the problem. In a case like that, it’s best to get a second opinion.
• A prowler rifled a purse inside a vehicle parked in the 2600 block of County Road I the evening of March 5, making off with $180 in cash.

The order of things
• A loud party on Greenfield Avenue brought police in the wee hours of the last day in February, but there was something not quite right about the ages of the underage drinkers -- males 16, 18 and 19 years old -- something was missing. But wait! A girl was also arrested. She was 17.

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New Brighton

Misguided motorist
• Police ended the adventure of an 84-year-old local man, northbound on Old Hwy. 8 N.W. the morning of March 11, after he mowed down two signs on the median. Despite heavy windshield damage, the man told officers he didn’t realize he had hit anything.

Violence at the drive-thru
• A driver banged into the car in front of him at the fast-food drive-thru in the 1100 block of Silver Lake Road March 9. The victim got out to check for damages and the suspect called her the B-word and the W-word, before shoving her into the food window. The 31-year-old Fridley woman got back in her vehicle, locked the doors, and called police. The suspect wasn’t going anywhere, he was behind her. Offices arrived and arrested the 35-year-old Moose Lake man who admitted the name-calling. He was cited for disorderly conduct.

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North Oaks


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St. Anthony


• Unable to find common ground during their Feb. 26 squabble, the 26-year-old boyfriend attempted to call 911, but the girlfriend “took the phone away from him.” The call went through anyway, police arrived and both battlers were booked at the Hennepin County for misdemeanor domestic assault. The 24-year-old girlfriend was also charged with gross-misdemeanor interference with a 911 call.
• Seems it would be more efficient to list the laws the driver didn’t violate, but anyway, here’s what the 24-year-old was charged with after he was pulled over March 3 at Stinson Boulevard and 35th Avenue N.E.-- failure to signal a turn, illegal passing, running a stop sign, driving without a valid license, no proof of insurance, speeding, felony fleeing police in a motor vehicle, obstructing the legal process and fourth degree DWI. The 24-year-old was locked up tighter than a canned ham in the Hennepin County Jail.

Car arrested
• Okay, we’re kidding, but when police investigated a noise complaint in the 3800 block of Foss Road Feb. 26, they found an unoccupied vehicle with the engine running and the radio blaring. The driver, seeing police, quickly came out of a nearby residence and told an officer that he had stopped to visit his mother, leaving the car running and the radio on, which seemed to indicate it would be an awfully short visit with mom. The 24-year-old was cited for violation of the city noise ordinance.

Off to a rocky start
• A new driver was cited for violating her provisional license, violation of the underage passenger restriction, no proof of insurance and an illegal window tint after the 17-year-old was stopped just a few miles into her driving career March 2 at 37th Avenue N.E. and Highcrest Road.

• An elderly woman in the 3500 block of Stinson Boulevard reported Feb. 26 that her two dogs had been poisoned. One dog died. An autopsy confirmed the poisoning. An investigation continues.

Hey, that’s not your pocket
• A teen was shopping at the big box store in the 3800 block of Silver Lake Road March 1 when a thief grabbed a cell phone out of her back pocket and fled the scene. The 14-year-old’s loss was estimated at $300.


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“Can I have a hug?” The student asked the teacher at the Snail Lake learning center the morning of March 1. “Sure, I give hugs,” the teacher replied. But the 17-year-old boy, who may not know his own strength, squeezed and lifted the 50-year-old woman off the floor “’til it hurt!” she said. The victim asked deputies to file an assault complaint, but the charge was declined by the county attorney’s office.
• More activity at the Snail Lake learning center with a 15-year-old Shoreview boy petitioned into Ramsey County Juvenile Court on charges of terroristic threats and disorderly conduct after allegedly posting “violent lyrics” March 4 to a song on Facebook. “We take this very seriously,” a deputy said. The youth was transported to the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center on the felony charge.


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Vadnais Heights

Criminal damage to property
• A would-be shoplifter made a low-effort attempt at stealing a bottle of Jack Daniels whisky Feb. 16 at a liquor store in the 100 block of Vadnais Boulevard by shoving it down his pants. That move was witnessed by an employee who told the man to put the bottle on the counter and leave. The upset man then went outside and punched out someone’s vehicle window in the parking lot before fleeing the scene. Deputies are looking for the suspect, described as white, six-feet tall, 180 pounds and wearing an “old-fashioned letter jacket with no letter.”

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